Investigation Letter for Safety Violation

Keeping oneself safe as well as others is very important. Safety is something that cannot be compromised. You need to be very careful that any of your actions are not keeping anyone’s safety at stake. Taking the relevant safety precautions is very necessary for all. Whether it be an institute or any organization, everyone has their own set of safety rules which every employee working has to abide by. Violation of any safety rule leads to serious trouble as no one tolerates it at any cost.

Safety rules, when you start working in an organization are clearly made visible to you rather in document form or simply by the word of mouth. Both the ways are applicable as any mistake by you can not only make you bear the consequences but also others related to you.

It should be made understandable for all that safety measures are for all and that is why everyone has to follow them as said else serious action may be taken as it may not only affect your personal safety but of others as well which is certainly not good.


Violation of safety rules should not be tolerated as it can bring serious harm to the organization’s repute in the market. Accidents though happen but doing something intentionally should be avoided. Safety rules have been designed for the safety and security of individuals. Misusing them is not good.

Sample letter

Mr. John
ABC Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Green
Head of Accounts Department
ABC Pharmaceuticals.

Dated: 12th November 20XX

Subject: Investigation of safety violation

Respected Mr. Green,

It is stated with due respect that one of the employees of the company named Mr. Henry who is currently working in your department has created many problems for us. We had earlier informed you of his habit of unnecessarily examining things without any proper knowledge of using it but it seems that nothing has worked out between the two of you.

Last week Henry had deliberately removed the safety gadget which stopped the machine from starting on low voltage as a result of which the machine got terribly damaged. The following week he has again managed to mess up things. This time he had put on a fake fire alarm which has aroused a situation of chaos in the company. Both the incidents call for serious action being taken against Henry. His actions have caused us a heavy cost not only technically but also physical damage to our workers has been done due to Henry.

Through this letter, I am informing you that in the Board meeting we had decided that an investigation team will be formed to know the cause behind such actions. This five-member team will come for investigation in your department on the following Monday. You have to make sure that Henry is present that day as he has caused us all the trouble.

Henry has violated the safety measures provided by the company for no reason. He has put at stake other employees’ lives which is certainly not acceptable. His actions are becoming a serious threat to the company which needs to be controlled in time.

It is important for you as well to be there at the time of the investigation. Further details will be intimated to you very soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. John
ABC Pharmaceuticals

Investigation Letter for Safety Violation

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