Warning Letter to Tenant for Noise

In pursuant to the written lease agreement which was signed by us on [date], it was your responsibility not to ruin the peace of the building. It seems that you are not complying with the statement of agreement. I am noticing excessive noise coming from my rented apartment in which you are living with your family. I have been forced to write this letter after you have crossed the limits.

You know that I have three school-going children and they must get up early in the morning. Your excessive noise is disturbing them because they can’t sleep well. This is risky for their health.

Under clause III of the lease agreement, you are entitled to maintain the level of noise under certain limits within the premises. I know there are certain occasions when noise becomes out of control. I can bear it when it happens once or twice a week but the same creates problems when you do it habitually. I regret to say that you are creating problems for me by means of your noisy incidents. You are required to modify your behavior. Otherwise, I shall be forced to send you an eviction notice.

It is expected that you will understand the seriousness of the matter and respect all the terms and conditions of the agreement. I will keep this letter as a record to prove that I have already warned you about the problem. You are requested to take it seriously and keep the noise level under certain limits. Otherwise, I have a big reason to terminate this lease agreement. But I hope you will not force me to act like this.

I am waiting for your positive response.

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Subject: Warning for noise at [ABC] during [XYZ]

Dear Johnson,

I am writing you this letter as a complaint against your habitual noise. I am annoyed by extremely noisy voices coming from your apartment. I am quoting here some incidents when you broke the noise barrier:

  • On the eve of Halloween night, you celebrated with your friends and played loud music.
  • On [date], you celebrated your son’s birthday, and your apartment was full of noise. I know you have the right to celebrate events and I can understand that noise becomes out of control on such occasions. It creates difficulties when crossing the limits.

I am also receiving a lot of complaints from other neighbors, and I regret to say that your tenancy is becoming problematic for me and my family. Under clause IV of the tenancy act, you are entitled to produce noise within your premises but under certain limits and during a specific time. You make noise usually between 11 P.M to 2 a.m. which ruins the peace of my family and surrounding neighbors.

As per local law, noise is strictly prohibited after 11 p.m. but you continue making noise even after that time. Due to this reason, I don’t fall asleep.

Jackson, you have failed to fulfill the conditions of our agreement. I have talked with you about this problem on many occasions, but you didn’t take it seriously. This time, the issue has crossed the limits and you have to change your attitude now.

I request you show improvement in your unethical behavior. This is only possible when you will stop making excessive noise. If the problem persists, I have to involve the local police. Otherwise, for your information, I have enough reason to terminate the lease agreement.

I am waiting for a positive response from your side. If you have any queries regarding this matter, feel free to call me.

Warning letter to tenant for noise

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