Warning Letters for Refusing Work

Letter -1

This letter serves as a warning for refusing work that had been assigned to you last Tuesday. Your supervisor has reported the entire incident to the higher management.

According to Mr. Shafquat, you have been hesitant when the project was first assigned to you. Afterward, you deliberately missed the given deadline and simply told your manager that he should assign this work to someone else in your department. This type of behavior is outrageous.

The company considers it to be blatant insubordination. The management is usually very strict about the conduct of employees. However, since your previous record is clean, we are letting you off with a warning instead of suspending you from the job.

You must be extremely careful in future and avoid this misconduct. Another similar complaint about you from your manager may result in termination.


You have always been a hardworking and obedient worker. The company does not want to lose an employee like you. You are, therefore, advised to follow a few steps to avoid such a situation in future. Firstly, if you feel that a certain assigned task is beyond your capabilities, you must talk to your supervisor about it before the deadline has already passed. Delayed projects lead to a loss for the company. Therefore, you must be considerate and inform your supervisor on time if you are not able to perform a task for any reason. However, you must have a valid reason or excuse. Otherwise, you are never supposed to turn down any assignment entrusted to you by your superiors.

On the other hand, if you have been feeling too burdened by your workload lately, the company encourages you to avail your annual leave. You must, of course, apply for the leave through proper official channels first. A break from the office can help you return with a refreshed vigor to work again.

We expect you to take this warning seriously and do not show any more negligence regarding your work responsibilities. Following the provided advice can help you retain your job and continue to maintain a good record with the company. Download

Letter -2

Warning letter for refusing workThis letter is being issued to you as a warning due to your insubordination to your superiors. It has been reported to the higher management that you failed to perform the duties assigned to you on April 24th. Your refusal to perform the given tasks is a serious breach of company’s code of conduct. You are, therefore, being warned that such misconduct in future shall result in your termination.


When you were hired by the company, your job contract clearly stated that you must perform all the duties assigned to you by your manager. You are not allowed to neglect your tasks or miss deadlines. In addition, switching duties with co-workers is also strictly prohibited. Last month we received a complaint from one of your colleagues who had been utterly displeased when you kept pestering him to your switch tasks. At that time, you were given a verbal warning regarding this matter. However, your recent negligence of duties shows that you have not taken the previous warning seriously.

You must keep in mind that you are under observation now. In case we receive a single more complaint from your manager or colleagues, we will have to terminate you. The company does not tolerate a casual and negligent attitude. You must take the orders of your superiors seriously.

We expect to see a positive attitude in your work behavior after this warning. You have all the skills and capabilities required for this job. That is why the higher authorities have decided to give you another chance. We hope you will be performing your duties more diligently from now on. Download

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