Community Work Offer Letters

Letter -1

Recently I got through your advertisement on the internet saying that ‘now is a great chance to become a part of Unalive USA’. On further reading, I got to know that Unalive is offering Volunteer work for students in its sales department. I decided to get myself enrolled for it and for this I am writing you this letter.

My name is Keith and I am a student of the University of [ABC] and doing BBA Honors. Working with the sales force will be exciting as I am currently doing my specialization in sales. I would love to put in my knowledge with your talented pool of sales to help promote growth and empowerment.

Working with one of the best will surely help me gain a better understanding of my area of interest and make me better able to work towards promoting it.

Looking forward to your reply. Download

Letter -2

Community work offer letterYour recent visit to my university made me very excited. A delegation from Nestle USA visited the University of [XYZ] and made a clear offer to students for volunteer work in any of the departments. You had this time invited everyone to join hands with you and become a part of Nestle.

Nestle is a big name. Working with your team will be a dream come true. I am currently doing my masters in HR and would love to serve my country with the changing HR needs by accepting challenges and producing results.

I hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward to your kind reply. Download

Letter -3

Community work offer letterRecently passing through a bookshop I read your poster regarding volunteer work in your school library. I’ve been very fond of reading myself. I believe reading not only enhances your knowledge but also helps to incur creativity.

I am interested in volunteer work at the library. Promoting our cultural and historical thoughts through books is very interesting. Your library The Book Land is one of the finest libraries in town with the largest collection of books.

Hope to get a positive reply.


Letter -4

Community work offer letterWhile reading online advertisements I got through your advertisement of needing individuals for volunteer work at your bank GMH. Every year the bank opens doors for volunteers located at our community center.

I am a student of BBA Honors. I am graduating from UCP. I offer my services to you for volunteer work at the bank. The job tasks you mentioned is receiving customers bill. It is indeed an exciting work to do. I have already had experience in this field due to my prior internship with a bank.

I would love to gain another of my greatest experiences by working with you. I hope to hear from you soon.


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