We Will be Closed on Christmas Letter

Re. Christmas Closure Letter to the Customers

Dear customers, I am glad to announce the three days closure of the store. I am [name], the manager of the [name of the store]. I am here to announce the Christmas holidays during which the store shall remain closed.

Christmas is on 25th December 202X, so the off days shall be 25th December 202X to 27 December 202X. We are offering three days of closure on the Market Value and Quality Assurance (MVQA) wing of the Local Government (enforcement of state orders section).

During this closure, we shall remain at personal service that costs differently. Therefore, if you need any of the devices, including mobiles and laptops to be mended, you can do that by paying a higher price. We have taken approval for the urgent services.

Those customers whose mobiles/laptops were submitted to the upgrade counter before [date] can collect their devices from the same counter by paying their bills. Invoices shall be sent to the respective contact number and email addresses.

Any device that was given for repair after [date] can be collected from the same counter on [date] after the Christmas holidays end.

For urgent service, you can dial [phone number] or send an SMS writing URGENT to [mention the number]. Thank you for always believing in our service. The store shall reopen on 28th December 202X at 10 AM.

The above-mentioned notice applies to all the branches of our store.

Thank you for using our services.


[name of the store]

(Sample -2)

Re. Closure of the Office due to Christmas from [date] to [date].

Dear all,

This letter is to announce a big break from work for you. Yes! It is a delightful Christmas time. Our company is pleased to announce the Christmas holidays from [date] to [date]. Due to severe weather conditions, the Christmas holidays are extended till [date]. However, in case of urgent work, one could be asked for a work-from-home occasionally.

We are also going to host a dinner to celebrate Christmas in the office. The dinner shall be hosted by our reverend Mr. [name], the CEO of the [company name]. We will celebrate Christmas one day before, i.e. on [date] in the evening.

The office shall reopen on [date] at [time]. Please stay regular and be punctual. We are pleased to have you a part of our company. Thank you for contributing to the success of the company.

We take this moment to tell you that we value your services and performance. We love our dedicated team and their work. We wish you the best of luck, good health, excellent well-being of yourself and your family, and a happy life.

A copy of the letter shall be forwarded to all the departments. Any change in the schedule of the holidays shall be informed through an official email address. We will be glad to answer your queries if any, send them to [phone number]

Thank you!

Best Regards

[date & signature]

We Will be Closed on Christmas Letter

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