Lost Item Report Letter to Manager

Re. Reporting a Lost Document from the Office

Dear [manager], I am at a loss to tell you that the [abc] project file has been lost from my office. I never take the office belongings to my home. Therefore, I have no doubts about forgetting it somewhere. However, my office remains open after closing time. I do not have any doubts about leaving it or losing it on my personal premises like home.

There are security cameras adjusted in each office. I have asked the security personnel to check if someone stole the file. I have requested the security department to check for all the security camera recordings from [date], [time] to [date], [time]. I also have sent an email to the head of the department to seek permission for the search of files through the company’s security.

Sir, I always put each file and paper on my desk. I have been working here since 20XX. Nothing has lost ever from my office. I am surprised at the loss and cannot explain how much embarrassed I am. Sir, on [date], we have to submit the file. Please ask the relevant team to make another file. I understand that the task is tiresome but if the company could pay them extra for the task, I hope it can be done in two days.

I request you help me out through this otherwise the project and contract would not be signed. It is in the best interest of the company to unite and work together to restore the loss. I shall be greatly thankful to you.



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Re. Reporting Loss of a File from the Office Computer

Dear Manager,

I am writing to inform you about the loss of an important file. The file has all the important data compiled and organized by our team of content heads and marketing assistants. The data and file are related to the construction project of [name the client company]. We are looking forward to a meeting with them tomorrow where the file shall be discussed and reviewed by their team.

I stored the file in three sections to avoid any trouble in the future. The file was also stored in a USB flash which was connected to the computer. The computer flashed a light and turned off suddenly. After that, the computer could not be turned on by the IT professionals. According to the IT department employees, they suspect that the computer cache has been burned and busted. Due to the electric shock within the system, it also erased all the data in the USB flash connected to the computer.

I have asked all the teammates to restore the file. They trying to restore but till now no progress has been made. I request you inform the clients and ask them for an extension. We should also extend the date of the meeting so that the file could be restored or another file with all the relevant data could be organized.

I shall be very grateful to you for this favor.



Lost item report letter to manager

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