Christmas Holiday Schedule Letter to Staff

Re. Christmas Holiday Schedule for Staff (for G-4 to G-11)

Dear employees, I am delighted to announce the biggest holiday season of the year. Yes, you guessed it right, I am here to announce the Christmas holidays. The company has decided to keep the office off for a period of ten days. The office shall remain closed from 23rd December 202X to 3rd January 202X. During these ten days, the office shall call you for two celebrations, i.e., Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

We are glad to bring another piece of good news to you. The company board has conceded to increase 20% of your basic salaries. The application to the board was submitted on [date] which was put aside for a very long time. In this time of merriment and relief, this is big to have your salaries increased. However, the increase shall be effective from January 1, 202X.

The company owes you a lot as it is because of our dedicated and hardworking employees who contributed to the best case of this company. Many of the employees worked extra hours without being paid for the extra time.

The company has Christmas gifts for all the employees. Please collect your gifts from the Human Resources Outer Counter while leaving. The office shall reopen on January 4th, 2023, at 9 AM. Please be on time. Stay safe, healthy, and happy. We wish you a lot of success this Christmas. Thank you.


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Re. Christmas Holidays Schedule for Office Staff

Dear all,

The letter has been sent from the Head of the Human Resource Department, Employees, and Internal Affairs Section. As you know Christmas is just around the corner. We decided to make the announcement earlier than the traditional time of the Christmas holidays announce to facilitate our employees. It was done for the employees who would be able to plan their holidays and stay organized during holidays. This letter is to officially announce and inform you about the schedule for the Christmas holidays.

The office shall observe the closure for Christmas and New Year’s Eve from December 24th, 202X, to January 2nd, 202X. The office shall reopen on January 3rd, 202X, at 10 AM. You are advised to appear in the office at the given time and stay regular from the first day after the holidays’ end.

We take this moment to dedicate one day to the Christmas celebration and celebrate the whole years of sheer hard work, togetherness, dedicated professionalism, and continually striving for excellence. We appreciate our whole team for whatever they did. Every employee made a lot of effort to bring the best for this company. We are grateful to you for your honesty and sincerity to the company and your work.

We appreciate you and want you to continue the same proactivity with more zeal and zest. Revitalize your energy, reset, and gird yourself up for the new year. Make new goals and take the ride up to achieve them. We wish you the best of luck, health, and success. Thank you for being part of this company.

Best Regards

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Christmas Holiday Schedule Letter to Staff

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