Workplace Gossip Restriction Letter Samples

I hope you all will be fine and enjoying the best of health. I wish to discuss an important issue with you. It has come to my notice through reliable resources that many employees in this office have been accused of gossiping the office about the CEO and other senior employees of this company. The company has shown grave concern over this matter because such employees are ruining the reputation of the company.

This is being notified through this letter that gossiping about any employee will not be allowed within the office premises. Any employee who is found involved in breaching this policy will be dealt with strictly.

We are committed to providing a peaceful and healthy working environment to our employees at the workplace. Still, there are some employees who are proving themselves dangerous for the worth of the company. I would like to write without mentioning the name that many texts of a certain employee have been leaked in which he has talked about the CEO of this company in a bad way. As per norms, this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated here.

Gossiping must be avoided specifically in the workplace. It looks unethical when you talk about somebody in an ill way just for creating fun. Just for a moment, how would you feel if imagine yourself as a subject of gossiping? It feels inappropriate. The same is the case with others. Nobody wants to be the subject of rumors.

Owing to its sensitivity, this issue has become important to us. For months, we have been receiving a lot of complaints from people that they are being discussed by their colleagues just for the sake of fun. We thought it necessary to inform our employees that from now onwards, this malpractice is being abolished.

All employees are now supposed to consider ethics and norms while talking. They are also advised to keep the office environment free from all kinds of rumors and gossip. In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned directions, strict disciplinary action will be taken against employees.


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Subject: Workplace gossip restriction

Dear Employees,

All employees are notified through this letter that gossiping is strictly prohibited within the office premises. The company has made this decision after receiving many complaints from its employees. They told us about their colleagues who were gossiping about them.

Similarly, a female employee sent a return complaint to us about her colleague who was accused of gossiping and spreading rumors about her in the office. It causes great harm to her reputation. After careful investigation, it was probed that her allegation was true. The accused employee has terminated straight away.

To avoid such shameful incidents in the future management has decided to impose a ban on gossiping. This decision has been taken in the best interest of the company and its employees. Dear employees, the office is the place where you spend more than half of your day with your colleagues. It is painful that many of them waste their time on useless activities like gossiping. All employees are just like family members. It hurts when somebody comes to know that he or she is being made the subject of negative gossiping.

You portray a negative image of your colleagues by gossiping against them. This malpractice is extremely harmful to the healthy and peaceful working environment of the office. Similarly, quarreling and misunderstanding among colleagues in the same office have also been reported due to gossiping and false rumors.

It is hereby expected from employees that they will respect each other’s beliefs and a calm office environment wouldn’t be polluted by means of unprofessional behavior. Please show strict compliance with the directions.

Workplace gossip restriction letter

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