Apology Letter for Wrongdoing in Class

I am writing you this letter because I tried my best to meet you personally but couldn’t gather enough courage to face you. I want to offer my sincere apology for my wrongdoing in your software development class. Fighting in the class cannot be justified in any case but I want to let you know that my act was unintentional and took place within seconds. Since that day I am field with feelings of embarrassment and guilt.

The incident took place on [date] when I was busy listening to your lecture with full concentration. Stewart, my best friend, told me that Lee, the last bencher, has thrown rubbish on my uniform. When I look that myself, my uniform was looking dirty due to dust and ink stains. Honestly speaking, I take great care of my uniform because I always consider it a sign of honor. I am a bit sensitive in this regard. Therefore, I was unable to tolerate this act and started quarreling with him.

I admit that the incident took place in your presence, and you were the final authority to deal with this matter. When you asked me to leave the lecture and go to the principal’s office, I started shouting which was one of the worst acts of my life. I soon realized that my behavior was shameful and full of stupidity.

Dear Sir, you are my spiritual father and I respect you from the core of my heart. I had never ever thought of doing anything wrong in class. But the situation instigated me so much that I couldn’t control my anger and went beyond my control.

Despite having full knowledge of the school’s disciplinary policy, I committed this heinous act. I know that our school has zero tolerance for breaching discipline in the class especially. But still, I submit my sincere apology for my wrongdoing.

I take full responsibility for my mistake and make the promise that such an act would never be repeated by me again in the future. If I am found breaching the school’s discipline again, authorities will have the right to cancel my enrollment in the school. Thank you very much for giving me permission to attend your classes.

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Subject: Apology for wrongdoing in class

Dear Principal,

My name is Stewart, and I am a student in grade 7 at your school. I am writing you this letter to sincerely apologize for my wrongdoing in geography class on [date]. I am very sorry for creating a disturbance and causing inconvenience for my class teacher. Our class teacher has set strict rules to maintain discipline in the classroom.

According to norms, no mobile phone is allowed during lectures. On [date], he was busy teaching us an interesting lesson in geography while I was using my cell phone. In the meanwhile, the teacher caught me on spot and directed me to attend your office.

Since that day, I am really embarrassed and thought myself guilty of disturbing the class decorum. Trust me, I did not do it intentionally. My brother is in his final year of MBBS at ABC Medical College, [state name]. He was coming home to spend the weekend holidays with us. On reaching the bus stand, he kept calling me and did not stop. I was just informing him through text that he should wait for 15 minutes and then I would pick him up. Our class teacher caught me when I was typing the text.

Dear Sir, I admit my mistake and take full responsibility for it. If there was an emergency, I must have gotten permission from my teacher to go out and call my brother. I didn’t want to skip the lesson and texted during the lecture, which was against classroom discipline.

Now, the situation is that I am extremely sorry for what I did. But our geography teacher is not allowing me to attend his lectures.

Please waive my punishment and allow me to attend classes. This is my promise that I will never involve myself in such shameful acts again. If you find me again breaching the disciplinary policy of the school, I will be ready to face the consequences then. I am thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently.

Apology Letter for Wrongdoing in Class

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