Letter to Inform Supplier to Complete the Order

I am Ali, marketing manager of XYZ pharmaceutical company and I am writing to inform you about your serious mistake regarding shipment of incomplete order. On [date], we placed an order with your company for a lot of 100 laptops that we have planned to distribute among our sales representatives. It was specifically mentioned in our order that all the laptops must be of Dell.

On Friday night, we received the shipment, but I am disappointed to tell you that instead of 100 laptops, you have sent us only 50. You did not even bother to write us an explanation letter why you have sent us an incomplete shipment.

I am feeling much worried because the training period of our cell representatives is about to end and immediately after their training, they will be joining our field team. If you do not send us the remaining laptops within 2 or 3 days, half of our sales team will be working without proper tools. With this incomplete lot of laptops, it will not be possible for our sales representatives to carry out their daily functions smoothly.

I am requesting you through this letter to complete our order as soon as possible. We are launching our sales team in the field within 2 weeks. The tentative date for this purpose has been fixed as [date]. We would like to have all laptops in our company’s store before then.

I have also attached the shipping receipt for your reference. This document is sufficient to prove that you have failed to send us our required product as per our order. Now, I would like you to give immediate attention to my request and resolve this problem at your earliest.

Dear, we cannot tolerate any hurdle in our smooth functioning. If you fail to send us the remaining quantity of laptops, we will be compelled to cancel our order and request any other reliable company to complete it. I hope that you will not allow that time to come and complete our order at your earliest.

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Subject: incomplete order # [X] received on [XYZ]

Dear Ajay,

I am writing this letter to inform your sent shipment contains an incomplete quantity of electric geysers. Upon the onset of the winter season, demand for electric geysers increases manifolds every year. Keeping in view this fact, we placed a huge order of 1000 pieces of electric geysers to your company.

Three days ago, we received the shipment at our end. Problematic thing was that you sent us six hundred pieces of electric geysers instead of a thousand.

We have created a positive image in the market after a years-long struggle. If we fail to meet the demands of people, it will not be good for the reputation of our company. I regret to tell you that you, as a supplier, have failed to complete our order as per our directions.

In other words, you have also breached the terms and conditions of our contract. You must have informed us before shipping if you had an insufficient quantity of electric geysers in your stock.  

We have been buying from you for the last 7 years, but you did not give us any chance to complain. Unfortunately, we have lost our trust in you, and this is not good for our business relations. Now, you are being requested to complete the order immediately and send us the remaining pieces of electric geysers within one week. This is also to inform you that if you fail to meet our demand, we will have to review our contract policy.

I want to warn you that if you leave our problem unresolved, we shall be compelled to place our order with another supplier. It will cause great harm to our business relations. For your reference, I have also attached the shipment receipt with this letter. Please take the necessary steps to complete our order.


Letter to Inform Supplier to Complete the Order

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