Writing a Recommendation or Reference

Sample 1

It is certainly a matter of great pleasure that I am writing this recommendation letter in favor of Miss Jane for the post of Office Manager. I have worked with Jane for a period of nearly 10 years and over these years, I have found her to be a diligent and hardworking lady. She is one of an individual who enthusiastically not only accepts job challenges but also strives hard for their accomplishment.

During her job tenure, she has not only helped the company in improvising the current working techniques but also helped us maintain our standards. Last year she alone handled one of our major projects and gave us huge profits.

Jane is an individual with whom any company would readily move forward to work with. I am proud of the fact that I have had the chance of working with her. For any more details please feel free to contact me.

Sample 2

Recommendation letter for someone
Recommendation letter

With great pleasure, I recommend Mr. Joe for the post of Senior Software Engineer at your company. Joe joined our company nearly 8 years ago and in all these years his effort and hard work have taken us to the remarkable position. Joe is an individual who meets challenges by acutely identifying the possible threats related to a problem and then devising an action plan. He has gifted with this quality of managing things within the given resources.

His 8 years’ service at our company has led us to easily identify the technicalities of a situation and then presenting the best solution. His engineering skills have helped us devise new software with much-improved quality. To add more he devises a plan which is reasonable enough to work with and to make sure that no quality is compromised on.

It has been an honor to have worked with such a brilliant individual.

Sample 3

Recommendation letter
Recommendation letter

I am taking great pleasure in writing this recommendation letter in favor of Mr. Sam for the post of Manager. Sam and I have worked together as a team for almost 10 years. His supervisory skills have always led us to manage things effectively. He takes pride in taking work tasks and not to forget that this pride does not hinder his performance. He has always been a goal-oriented individual who keeps an eye on the pros and cons related to a situation and then takes decisions.

Sam has been a very valuable asset of our company. We wish him the best in future.

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