Request Someone to Write Recommendation

Sample 1

I will be highly grateful to you if you favor me to write a letter of recommendation for the position at XYZ. I have recently applied for the post of senior HR manager at the said company. As I have worked with you for a couple of years on many HR related projects, you are aware of my working capacity and capabilities.

You have been a mentor to me who I believe has observed me very closely, unlike any other individual. The 5 years working experience with you has enriched my growth and made me a responsible individual. There was no better person I could think of for writing a recommendation for me.

I know you are pre-occupied with work but still, if you manage to take some time out from your busy schedule, I will be obliged. Thanking in anticipation.

Sample 2

Request Someone to Write Letter of Recommendation
Request Letter for Reference

I am writing you this letter on a very urgent piece of note. I’ll be requiring a favor from you to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf. The following month company ABC has announced to open vacancies for various posts. Like many others, I too have applied for a post of Sales manager as goes with my qualification.

You have been my guide and teacher since my college days. I have grown as a human in the light of your immense support and co-operation. You have helped me gain confidence in whatever I do. I certainly could not think of any better person from whom I could have asked for this favor.

I’ll be highly obliged if you grant me the favor.


Sample 3

Request Someone to Write Letter of Recommendation
Request Letter for Reference

Recently BVC has given an advertisement in the newspaper for the post of Manager Accounts. Following the advertisement, I have applied for the post. I will be certainly very grateful to you if you favor me writing a letter of recommendation.

We have been together for the past 5 years. In all these years, you as a supervisor has closely observed me. Apart from my educational background, you have always helped me excel in my career. You have helped shape my skills in a way that I easily mold myself in any working environment.

I will be grateful if you can write me a letter of recommendation so that I may be able to proceed further with the ongoing job process.

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