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An authentic medical certificate is an important document. It can be used as an excuse to be exempted from school or work. This document is also referred as the doctor’s certificate. It consists of the doctor’s statement about an individual’s health condition. The statement may be produced after physical examination or a medical test. The format of a medical certificate can vary according to an individual’s medical report. It can be a small document for minor ailments. On the other hand, the medical certificate can be lengthy if it has been created after a thorough examination.

The job of designing this certificate becomes easy if you used a customizable template. Changes can then be made accordingly depending on the requirements. The general format of the document includes an individual’s name and particulars as well as the doctor’s statement. Any other details about the patient’s medical reports can also be mentioned. The overall design of the certificate is simple. There are no pictures or colorful borders. Therefore, creating this type of a certificate is not only simple but also very quick. All you have to do is focus on the written content.

You may use different font styles and sizes which are appropriate for the certificate. In order to make the important information prominent, larger size can be used for the font. You may need to add tables, check boxes and blank spaces which can be filled later on according to one’s medical report. A medical certificate template can, therefore, be very helpful.

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