Medical Certificates

Oftentimes, we have to prove that we have a specific medical condition to get some sort of relaxation at the workplace or in school. A medical certificate is an authentic document if a licensed and certified doctor issues it. Some documents to verify the medical condition of the patient are used for verification only, while others are used to give a sort of permission to the patient.

What is an authentic medical certificate?

When you have to submit this document to authorities, they have to check and determine if you are healthy enough or if you have that ailment that you are talking about. An authentic document is usually issued by a hospital, and it usually includes the logo of the hospital to which it belongs. The name of the doctor who is issuing it along with his contact details is also mentioned, and those who want to confirm the authenticity of the details can contact the doctor and then confirm.

When should I use the medical certificate?

There are hundreds of situations in which you will need to submit this note written by a legitimate doctor. A few of them are discussed below:

For getting sick leave

If you are sick or you want to make an excuse for being sick so that you can get a break from work or school, the medical certificate is all you will need to prove your sickness, which you will attach with your leave application. Through this note, you can prove that you have been suggested by your doctor to take the best rest and, therefore, you want to take a break.

For confirming your health status

Some companies check the health status of their workers regularly, once or twice a year. Usually, they ask their employees to get their examination done and then share the medical note with the company. This document lets the company know about the health status of the person and what kind of treatment he needs to be able to work efficiently and show more productivity.

For hitting the gym

Some people also need permission from their doctors to hit the gym, especially when they have a history of cardiovascular disease. Their doctor allows them and issues a written note in the form of a medical certificate that is used by the recipient to prove that his health is perfect for heavy exertion at the gym.

What to include in the certificate issued by the healthcare professional?

The details to be demonstrated in the certificate depend on the purpose as well as the format a doctor or hospital follows. Here are some suggestions as to what you can add to this certificate to make sure that it will be accepted for whichever purpose it has been crafted:

Letterhead of the hospital

A certificate needs to look professional and authentic, and therefore, doctors use the letterhead of their clinic or hospital, on which the name, logo, and contact details of the hospital are given. It also shows that the doctor wrote the note with the consent of the hospital.

Details of the patient

The name, age, gender, and other specific details of the patient should be mentioned in this document.

The medical condition of the patient

Here, the doctor will describe the health condition of the patient. The names of ailments a patient has, the names of tests that have been carried out to determine the health of the patient, the quantitative value of the test results, and the deductions of the doctor

Comments or recommendations:

This is the most important part of this document, as it is based on what the doctor has suggested to the patient, and the majority of people focus on this part. The recommendation of the doctor should be plain and simple, and there should not be any medical terms in this section.

For instance, if the doctor believes that the patient is healthy but needs the best rest, he can write it based on test results.

Every statement of the doctor in this part will be based on the rest of the results, which will be proof that the doctor’s recommendation is not biased to benefit the patient.

Medical certificate

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