Hotel Gift Certificates

Businesses use different strategies to promote their services or to attract customers to them. Some businesses also try to create brand awareness among people by using vouchers, which are also known as gift certificates.

What is a hotel gift certificate?

It is a voucher or a certificate that people often purchase and use as a substitute for payment. In other words, those who have a gift certificate from a hotel don’t have to pay at the reception for staying there.

Every hotel offers gift certificates as a service, as many people want to give their loved ones free accommodation at their favorite holiday destination. They buy a voucher and give it to someone. 

Who uses the motel gift voucher?

There is no hard-and-fast rule about using the voucher that is issued by a hotel. Any person who has been given access to it can use it. People can also give it to their friends, family members, etc. as a gift. There is a code hidden on it which is used by the hotel to check the authenticity of the certificate. If there is a code in the database of the motel that has not been used as of yet, they will consider it and give the service against it.


Hotel gift certificate template

File: 2 MB


Hotel gift certificate template

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Hotel gift certificate template

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Hotel gift certificate template

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Hotel gift certificate template

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What services are included in the voucher?

The voucher represents multiple services, and it depends on the amount the buyer has paid. An expensive gift certificate gives access to more expensive food and a hotel room. Similarly, guest houses with VIP lounges and rooms are pricier. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, you can see your affordability.

What are the uses of the voucher for a hotel?

For sending gifts:

On special events such as birthdays and anniversaries, the gift certificate can be gifted to someone who is celebrating the happy moments of their life. 

For redemption:

Some guest houses use the point redemption system, which allows people to redeem points and get money, which is in digital form and can be used to avail more services in the future. Hotels usually don’t pay the remaining cash to their customers and give them a certificate that customers can use in the future.

For marketing purposes:

Some hotels allocate some money to gift certificates, which they issue to their regular customers. The purpose of this campaign is to get brand recognition and make people aware of the hotel and its services. The voucher also serves as a tool to present the hotel effectively. Those guest houses that want to promote the hotel and represent it as the best holiday resort also need to work on their gift certificates. Sometimes, they also have to give away some certificates to their loyal customers so that they return to the same hotel for services.

How does a gift certificate work?

A voucher certificate includes the name of the hotel, the person’s name for which it is being issued, the unique voucher code, and the price of the certificate. This code is usually hidden, and it needs to be scratched before it can be visible.

When a person wants to redeem the voucher, he will have to show the voucher or give the code to the administration of the hotel to get the services against it.

It is important to note that every certificate has a specific expiration date. The voucher should be used before that date. This is the strategy of a motel: to make people use the voucher quickly without wasting their time. This also does not let people change their minds as they try to get benefits from that certificate before it gets wasted.

Hotel voucher templates

Those hotels that want to create an attractive voucher take help from the ready-made template, as it lets them access the content of the template. When they review it, they come to know what a gift certificate looks like. It is extremely useful for them to customize it. However, hotels that want to have a unique certificate that no one has ever had or seen can get an idea about the design and then design and create a voucher of their own without any confusion.

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