Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior

Dear Sir, I deeply apologize for my misbehavior during the science lesson that day. It was inappropriate and disrespectful to you, and I also know that you are not expecting this kind of misbehavior from me. I am filled with feelings of guilt because of my heinous act which took place in form of quarreling with my classmate in your presence. I am extremely sorry for the distress which has been caused to you from my side.

On [date], I was listening to your lesson with full concentration. My classmate named James, who was sitting adjacent to me, started bullying me. He started calling me the wrong names and his friends also accompanied him while doing so. It was a matter of sensitivity for me because nobody even at my home had called my name in such an appropriate way.

Therefore, I was unable to tolerate it and slapped his face. When you ordered me to leave the class, I became rude and started misbehaving with you. I realized very soon that I went beyond the level of stupidity, and it was unethical in every way. I should have informed you when James was bullying me with his friends. But at the time, I couldn’t control myself due to anger.

Sir, I acknowledge that you are putting your full efforts to transform us into sensible and responsible citizens in society. Despite knowing the reality that the school has zero tolerance for misbehavior, I should stupid which is not acceptable at all.

Still, I request you to forgive me with this promise that I will never cross the limits and this kind of incident will not be repeated from my side. Considering me as your own child, please overlook my mistake and give me a chance to rectify my behavior.

Sincerely yours.


Subject: Apologizing for misbehavior during [XYZ] at [ABC]

Dear Sir,

I am extremely sorry for my misbehaviors which I did on [date]. Please accept my sincere apology for this reason. I realize that my behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful. Owing to my behavior, a bad image of mine and my class has been portrayed and I am very ashamed of my act.

I cannot express my feelings of sadness after talking to you in a rude manner. You are so respectful, and I have never wanted to be involved in any kind of misbehavior with my teachers. On [date], I was depressed because my father was in a coma due to a brain hemorrhage.

My mother was staying with my father in the hospital, and she had texted me to reach the hospital straight from the school. I was busy reading that text when you called my name and pointed out my fault.

I was out of my senses because of my father’s condition. At that moment, I forgot everything and behaved with you in a rude manner. It was purely my mistake and I admit it.

You had warned us many times about the usage of a cell phone in class. I did not take notice of your warning and kept using my cell phone during your lesson. I should have informed you about the situation before using it. Since that day, I have been feeling ashamed of my actions, and therefore, I am writing you to seek an apology.

I assure you that this act was not committed by me willingly. I was thinking nothing else but about my father at that time. Therefore, I could not control myself and misbehaved with you. I respect you just like my father and you may have some sort of feelings for me, hopefully. Considering it as my first and last mistake, please forgive me. I shall promise you that this will not happen again in the future.

Sincerely yours.

Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior

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