Request Letter to Change Shift Schedule

Dear Sir, my name is Johnson, and I am working as a floor supervisor in your company for the last 5 years. I formally request you make a change to my current shift schedule.  Currently, I am working from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. In the duty roster for the upcoming month, I have been assigned the morning shift from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

I request you to change it for some personal reasons. Due to my limited salary, it has become very difficult for me to fulfill all needs of my family. I was hardly meeting all the monthly expenses of my family.

Recently, I was offered the job of lecturer in a local private college during the daytime. I was looking at this opportunity as a tool to make my both hands meet. If I am made to work according to the new duty roster, it would be impossible for me to continue the lectureship. Due to this reason, I am writing you this request letter.

I have gone through the existing policy of the company regarding changes in the working schedule. It provides flexibility to all employees and states that the working schedule of an employee can be changed in special circumstances. I have been working here for a long time and fully understand the job nature. I assure you that my second job will not affect my working potential and I will continue working as per desired standards of the company.

Keeping in view my seniority and dedication to the company, my shift schedules please be changed as per my request. I have discussed this matter with my manager, and he is also agreed to give me this favor on your recommendation.

I am waiting for a positive response from your side.


Subject: Request to change shift schedules

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine. My name is Anderson and I have been working in your company for the last 5 years. Currently, I am working in morning shift. I have just been informed by my supervisor that my duty is being switched to night. I am hereby requesting you through this letter to reschedule my shift and switch it to morning. Professionally, I fully understand that what I am requesting is wrong.

But I have been compelled to write you this request letter because I have my own concerns with the night shift.  Traveling late at night can cause some serious problems for me.

I have to travel on the road which is far away from the main city. Incidents of robbery, and mobile and purse snatching are being reported almost every day. Police have badly failed to maintain the law and order in that particular area. Unfortunately, public transport is not available at night, and it is not safe for me to travel on that road. That is the main reason behind my request.

Sir, Rules are made for the betterment of employees. The company has made a flexible policy regarding the working hours of employees which aims to facilitate them. It has been clearly mentioned in policy that an employee can request to change his working schedule in special circumstances which are beyond his control.

I am falling into the same category. Keeping in view all the above-mentioned facts, I hope you will consider my request and not include my name in the night shift list.

I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Request Letter to Change Shift Schedule

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