Complaint Letter to Bank for Denial of Loan


Re. Complaining the Denial of Loan from the Bank on Illogical Grounds w.r.t. Application No. 902-DF

I am Helen Strew from High Street Residents, San Diego. I have been a client of your bank since 2011 and it marks ten years that I have been using your bank’s services. I have also been a silver cardholder that means I am a loyal customer of the bank bearing some extra perks and privileges regarding bank services.

On 23rd March 20XX, I applied for a loan under the Easy Make Loan Policy of the bank. I applied through an application available on the bank’s website. Before applying, I studied all the terms and conditions for the eligibility criteria for the loan. After meeting the Relationship Manager of the bank, Mr. David Roof told me that I qualify all the standards important to be eligible for the loan.

After that, I received an email from the bank’s official email addressing telling me that my application has been forwarded for initial scrutiny and examination. Email, further, stated that I will be informed after my first stage of processing completes. I was satisfied enough to get a loan by this email as I come up with all the terms and conditions necessary for the loan application.

On 25th March 20XX, I enquired the bank about my loan procedure and asked for further commencement, but I was shocked by the replied email that I am ineligible to get a loan from the bank. This is totally an unprofessional demeanor and discrepancy at your end as the two emails as mentioned earlier contradict each other.

I request you to look into this matter and let me know about a tangible solution for it as I come up with all the points necessary to get a loan. I shall be grateful to you for this. I am looking forward to your response. Kindly reach me through [email] or +1[X]. Thank you.


Helen Strew
P-90 High Street Residents, San Diego
California, USA.

Complaint Letter to Bank for Denial of Loan


Re. Complaint about Denial of Loan from the Bank

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to bring a significant matter into your kind consideration. With reference to the above-cited subject, I have been drafting to complain to you about a matter of loan. Recently, your bank advertised a loan for the account holders of this bank. It stated that anybody who holds a current account in the Silver State Bank can apply for a loan up to $500,000.

I visited the bank for further information, and I was told that the bank is providing loans for the people who come up with the following terms and conditions.

  • The age of the applicant should be less than 50 years.
  • He/she should be earning up to $2500 from a Federal/State recognized and registered firm/organization (private or public sector).
  • The applicant should be able to provide three affidavits duly signed by the employer of them.
  • Along with that, an applicant should be an American resident and not a foreign associate.

I hereby state that I come up with all the above-mentioned criteria and terms. I have enclosed all my documents in the letter, please have a look at them to reaffirm and measure my eligibility to get a loan. I lodge a complaint against the loan Supervisor who denied providing me with the loan over illogical grounds. I request you to personally review my application and look into this matter. I will be compelled to take this matter to the local Attorney and Law Enforcement if my loan is denied.

You can contact me via [email].


Rex Calia
Somalia Tower, Simon Dura Lodges
San Diego, CA, USA

Complaint Letter to Bank for Denial of Loan

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