Cover Letter for the Position of Librarian

I am happy to write this cover letter for the position of librarian at (name of the library). When I saw the advertisement stating that your library was looking for a hardworking and dedicated librarian, I knew I had to apply. I have the required skill set and attitude for thriving in the position of librarian. I not only am skilled but also, I am highly educated for this position.

Although the advertisement said that your library (name of the library) is looking for an individual who is enthusiastic enough even if he possesses no prior experience in the field but I am proud to state here that I not only have the ample amount of skills and education but I also possess enough experience up my sleeves. My experience in the position of librarian comes from my job at (name of the library) for (details of the job duration).

I have had a love for books since childhood. I had my very own library when I was in middle school. That library grew with my age increasing with every year that passed. I love to read about architects, history, science fiction, and above all motivational books.

I firmly believe that a good self-help book can change any person’s perspective of seeing the world. Reading has helped me many times in my life. I would love to stay around books all my life. I have this dream of helping others in finding books of their choice and making them see how book reading can transform them.

After high school, I entered university (name of the university) for doing my graduation in (name of any degree or major). I have been quite enthusiastic all my life about books therefore, I joined the library club at the university. This club was dedicated to making voluntary efforts of making the library a better place for many individuals who crave knowledge.

I was a member of the library club and also helped in the organization of several book fairs for people who would like to add more good books to their collection and also, I assisted in buying books for the library. After my graduation, I did my masters in (name of the subject) from (name of the university). I am proud to state here that I got my master’s degree with a distinction in (name of the subject).

After completing my education, I started working at (name of the library) in the position of librarian. During the tenure of my job as a librarian at (name of the library), I was responsible for carrying out several tasks. Some of these tasks included managing the attendance of all the patrons in the library.

I was also responsible for scheduling and implementing library policies. Organization and active participation in programming for patrons of all ages were also part of my responsibilities.

Furthermore, I also helped in the training of the new staff members. I would help the new employees in getting better familiarity with the library policies and rules. Many employees later told me that this action of mine helps them better adjust to the work environment.

At the end of the cover letter, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of librarian at (name of the library). I look forward to meeting you and the current employees of your company.

I am also eager to discuss my previous experiences with you. I would like to assure you that if selected I would strive to become a valuable part of the library administration.

Moreover, I am quite sure that my experiences and skills would help the library community grow. Hope to see you at the interviews. For any further query please feel free to contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for the position of a librarian
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