Excuse Letters for Child’s Absence from School

Letter -1

My name is Anderson, and I am a student in class 7th at your school. I am writing this letter to inform you about my absence from school due to a fever. I will be unable to attend my classes from [date] to [date] because I have been diagnosed with [X]. I am spending days and nights burning with fever. Since this is a contagious disease, I thought it would be a better choice to take my days off rather passing the disease to other classmates.

I am in a bad state of health and my doctor has prescribed me complete bed rest for two weeks. I hope after taking complete bed rest, I will be fully recovered, and it would be easy for me to catch up with the class. Similarly, I can overcome the deficiency due to my absence. My father has also contacted my classmate/teacher, and she has promised to provide me with notes of all the missing work.

I hope you will sanction my leave and allow me to sit in the exams. As proof, I have attached medical reports of all diagnostics with this letter. Thank you.



Subject: Letter of absence from school for fever

Dear Sir,

My name is Ifra Gull, and I am a student in 8th grade at your school. This is to be informed you that I have been diagnosed with [X]. I have been hospitalized. My condition is not suitable due to which I cannot attend the classes. My family doctor has advised me complete bed rest for 2 weeks. To get a full recovery, I am taking regular doses of high-potency medicine which has caused me to feel drowsy, tired, and workless.  

I have been suffering from a high-grade fever for the last two days. The virus has attacked my immune system due to which I am not able to stand on my own feet. To get a full recovery in the minimum possible time, Doctor has suggested complete bed rest for 20 days I have also attached my medical reports along with this letter as proof.

I hope you will accept my request and sanction my leave. Thank you.

Letter -2

Excuse letter for child's absence from school

My son Adam currently studying in nursery-G was unable to attend school on Monday and Tuesday due to a severe sore throat. Thank God his fever has waned, and he has stopped coughing as well. I am sending him to school today as he is feeling much better now. I surely don’t want him to lack behind in his studies.

I request you please give him all his missed work for the days he was absent so that he may be able to cope with his studies well in time.

Letter -3

Excuse letter for child's absence from school

My daughter Aliza missed school on Wednesday due to the sudden death of her grandfather. She was very close to her grandfather and the news of his sudden death saddened her. I and my husband thought it would be good if she stays home.

I request you to please give her all her missed work for Wednesday so that she may cover it in time. I’ll be highly obliged. Thanking you in anticipation.

Letter -4

Excuse letter for child's absence from school

My daughter Aadi of grade 7 broke her arm yesterday while playing football due to which she was unable to attend school on Thursday and Friday.  I took her to a doctor as she was in much pain and was unable to move her arm. The doctor too recommended her to take rest for a day or two.

Now that she has resumed her studies, I request you to give her all her missed work for the respective days mentioned above when she comes back home today. I would certainly appreciate your effort.

Letter -5

Excuse letter for child's absence from school

This is to inform you that my son Meezo of grade 3 will not attend school on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of April 203X as a family wedding has approached. We will be traveling out of the city to attend the wedding ceremony.

I don’t want my son to lack behind in his studies, for this reason, I request you give him all the work planned for days ahead prior to our leaving for the wedding.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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