Reprimand Letters for Breach of Company Policy

Letter -1

The management finds the need for this important notice to be issued against you because of your recent violation of company policy and the intensity of this matter. Mr. John reported two weeks ago that he had some doubts regarding your habit of passing confidential information of our organization to other agents. He politely talked to you about this issue, but you rejected the accusation completely.

The case could have been dropped that day if he didn’t see you exchanging important files yesterday with the same person he warned you about. Now, this is really a matter of serious concern and an extreme case of violating company’s rule. As no employee under any circumstances can leak our personal data to anyone.

Therefore, if you want to continue this job and want progress in this leading organization kindly proceed by being a loyal employee. Otherwise, the organization will have no other choice than to terminate you from this company. Download

Letter -2

Reprimand Letter for Breach of Company PolicyWe are documenting this out of serious concern and want you to take immediate action as you receive it. You might be aware of the organization strict policies. The company bears no delinquency from any of its employees. As you have been appointed to customer service center and you know duties of this role you willingly choose.

It has been eleven months since you have joined our company and in this whole period, we have received more than a dozen complaints from different customers against you. They say that your behavior and way of guiding them to solve their issues is nearly unbearable. Majority of times you are harsh to the customers and close their tickets before resolving their issue. Similarly, a couple of them asked to send the technical staff to visit their home but you were heedless all way.

This is not a matter unknown or new to a person who is applying for a service providing job. So this is the last chance you have to rectify your follies and perform your core duties with the true nature. Otherwise, you may find a role that may suit your attitude best. Download

Letter -3

Reprimand Letter for Breach of Company PolicyThe management is clearing this once and for all and wants all the enrolled employees to take note of this important letter about our policy. We have set a specific dress code for all employees and we want everyone to strictly follow that. It looks messy, untidy and out of order if anybody attends the job without properly following our formatted dress code. On the other hand, smoking within the office premises is strictly prohibited.

We have seen employees violating this very frequently. As the company has mentioned all the rules and policies the employees must follow in starting manual, so this written letter would be a final notice in this matter. If anybody continues the above mentioned prohibited acts in future, he will be responsible for the severe consequences of it. It could be a suspension or a termination for breaching the company’s policies.


Letter -4

Reprimand Letter for Breach of Company PolicyThis letter has been documented to bring a serious matter into your knowledge. The organization has clearly described all its policies in the beginning and wants all its employees to be mindful of them. But it seems that you need some extra notice to be issued solely for you. Last Tuesday Mr. John reported you used company’s vehicle for your personal use without even informing the concerned department.

You should know using company’s vehicle for personal purposes is not allowed for anyone in any situation. And violating this policy results in strict action against that employee. You are now required to sign this letter of reprimand which will be attached to your personal record. We hope that you will correct your shortcomings in future and try to strictly follow our organization policies. Otherwise, we will take some legal action against you.  Download

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