Expressing Appreciation to an Employee for Suggestion

Letter -1

I appreciate your idea of creating and maintaining a comment and suggestion box for our valued employees. The very thought of doing it by adapting to the computerized system has impressed me.

It will be a great deal of benefit for our organization to have information regarding employee’s beliefs and values through the comment and suggestion emailing system. We work as a family towards achieving our goals. Accommodating your values with our thoughts will certainly bring huge results.

I have already forwarded your suggestion to the IT team of the company. They will contact you in a day or two, till then if you get any more ideas, please share it with us. It will be highly appreciated. Download

Letter -2

Appreciation Letter to an Employee for SuggestionI am very pleased to inform you that your suggestion of implementing a thumbs impression for attendance has instantly clicked my mind. This will do wonders. It will help us in acknowledging that who attended the office and who was absent without any chance of possible error.

We need such innovative ideas by our people. This will certainly help us grow together as an organization. I have already forwarded your idea to our technical department. They will contact you at the earliest. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me anytime for any more ideas or information sharing. They will be warmly welcomed. Download

Letter -3

Appreciation Letter to an Employee for SuggestionIt is a pleasure writing you this letter. Your valuable suggestion of installing CCTV cameras throughout the organization has helped solve my problem greatly. I am thankful to you for coming up with such innovative ideas.

I certainly appreciate your effort that you have put in the planning of your idea. Installing CCTV cameras will help us know for thefts if any takes place within no time. Matters will be resolved in no time. As an employee, you have thought well enough for the betterment of the company. I am pleased to inform you that I have already talked to the Managing Director about the idea. He too has admired your thoughtfulness nature. He will personally contact you at the earliest.


Letter -4

Appreciation Letter to an Employee for SuggestionThis is to inform you that your idea of equipping the library with computers has been widely appreciated. Employees like you are an honor for any institute. You prove to be an asset of ours. I not only appreciate your idea, but I am also very thankful to you.

Providing the students with library books and the computer system will help them jot down their ideas with safety i.e. no chance of information getting lost. Children will be able to work more efficiently in groups.

I have forwarded your suggestion to HR. They will contact you in the upcoming week. Download

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