Thank You Letters for Accepting Recommendation

Letter -1

I feel overwhelmed by the thought that you have accepted my recommendation of buying a new home in Eden Villas. The day before, the real estate agent contacted me and made me aware of your intentions of buying a new house.

This scheme will surely prove beneficial for you in the long run. I am thankful to you that you not only gave a thought to my recommendation but also implemented it in a constructive manner. Hope to meet you at your new house soon. Download

Letter -2

Thank you letter for accepting recommendationI received your letter informing about the new tutor kept by you on my advice. I am thankful to you that you accepted my thought of hiring Miss Susan for tutoring your kids. She is indeed a very hardworking lady. Based on my experience of having my kids taught by her will surely prove to be a good decision made by you.

Your hiring of Miss Susan proves that you have considerably thought about my idea. Acknowledging someone is truly a wonderful feeling which I am experiencing right now, I wish your children the very best of luck for future.


Letter -3

Thank you letter for accepting recommendationI was surprised by your letter which read that you have bought a dog for security purpose from the Pet Company I referred to. You have been through tough times when many a time your house has been attacked by thieves. Keeping a dog will surely help you.

I am thankful to you that you have kept my words and shown respect for me. Keeping a pet dog from ABC Company will get you away from any worries as the animals kept here are fully vaccinated and are also very well trained. You must have been handed over a vaccination and training record of the animal. It will be easier for you to verify the information given to you by the company.

Once again, my friend, I would say that you have honored me by not only listening to me but also following my advice. Thank you.


Letter -4

Thank you letter for accepting recommendationI got notified by my brother that your company employees have bought laptops from his shop. I am very thankful to you for considering my thought of buying laptops from my brother’s shop irrespective of the fact that he is a new entrant in the market. As they say, charity begins at home. You are the one who has started it with a good example.

You were worried about getting laptops from anywhere else as there are chances of fraud. I hesitantly recommended my brother’s shop to you for dealing. But have wholeheartedly welcomed the suggestion for which I am very pleased with you.

Thank up for putting in your trust in me. Download

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