Reprimand Letters to an Employee about Attendance

Letter -1

The seriousness of this matter compelled me issuing a warning letter to you. You must be aware of your schedule and the official timings of the office. It has brought to our notice that from two months you are continuously coming late to the office. Despite multiple warnings, you kept the same routine.

It has been clearly mentioned in the official notice that everyone should be in the office at least five minutes before their shift starts and each employee follows it properly accept you. There is no way a company tolerates regular latecomers. Therefore, kindly revise your schedule if you truly want this job or you may find a role which suits your routine best. If you continue this tardiness even after this letter the company will terminate you without any further notice. Download

Letter -2

Reprimand letter to an employee for poor attendance or tardinessI’m sure you might be expecting this official statement after the HR’s continuous warnings for you. It is a serious issue which should be addressed accurately for better understanding. Mr. John reported this to me yesterday that you take frequent leaves from the office without any remorse for violating company’s allowed holiday schedule. He said that your attendance does not meet the official criteria and warned you multiple times. Since you took his warning lightly, therefore, I must investigate it personally.

I want you to come to my office tomorrow at sharp 9.00 am and speak to me about this issue. You must solve this matter in whichever way possible otherwise the company will find an employee who truly honors his position by giving proper time and full devotion to the organization. Download


Letter -3

Reprimand letter to an employee for poor attendance or tardinessI have been reported about your tardiness issue several times by multiple people until today I found it out myself. It is very sad and unprofessional attitude by a senior employee like you. Almost a week ago all employees were notified about today’s important meeting. And expecting everyone to be punctual for the meeting was not an exceptional thing.

Mr. Meezo categorically mentioned your name, but I thought it’s obvious for you to follow the instructions. But you clearly disappointed me today by being 30 minutes late to such an important meeting and brought justice to all the allegations against you.

You are requested to visit my office in the first slot tomorrow and sign this reprimand letter which will be attached to your record till further notice which will be based on your performance. You are now in strict observation and a slight negligence in the accurate performance will result in your termination. Download

Letter -4

Reprimand letter to an employee for poor attendance or tardinessI hope this letter will serve its purpose and you will rectify your performance in future. I have been reported numerous times about your attendance issues and your habit of coming late to the office. It is also mentioned that you leave early. As a matter of fact, every employee knows their work schedule and follows that. But you are late very often and don’t complete the work hours.

Can you please visit the manager tomorrow and sort this issue with him by either changing your shift if you are uncomfortable with the timings or compensate the missed hours on weekends. Because this is the final warning the company is issuing to you. You better understand the consequence of being heedless to this official reprimand notice. Download

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