Football Tournament Announcement Letter


I am writing this letter to make a big announcement about the upcoming football tournament. It will be held on [mention date] in City Club Manchester. This tournament serves the purpose of collecting funds for orphan children. You can get entry tickets from our focal person, Mr. Medley. You are welcome to participate in the event. You can get your names registered at least three days before the tournament, so may we heed towards final proceedings. You will be entertained with an amazing variety of meals and activities.

Mr. Arthur, CEO of ABC Organization, is the main lead in initiating this tournament.  The funds collected from this tournament will be used in meeting the necessities of orphan children. I hope you will actively participate in the tournament.


This is to state that ABC Corporation in collaboration with XYZ Organization is organizing a football tournament. Both the teams are anxiously waiting for the tournament, and they have made all the preparations. The match will be great fun as former football player Katherine is a chief guest. I am sure that players’ morale will get increased in your warm presence. Thank you.


I am Alex John, principal of ABC School, writing this letter to announce the football tournament happening on [mention date]. We are organizing this tournament and different teams have actively participated in it. Your institute has also won three tournaments on a national level. We will be pleased if you accept our invitation.

The tournament will start on [mention date] and I believe such pursuits establish harmoniousness among the schools. I hope that you will come along with your school team. I will send you an email about the tournament’s details. Looking forward to having your presence on [mention date].


This letter is to announce the football tournament organized by the youth club, in Alaska. The contest is anticipated to be held on [mention date] in Orchestra’s playground. These tournaments keep vital importance in boosting the players’ determination and team spirit. They get the motivation to deliver the best performance. This will also help them to focus on their weak points.

You will be entertained with a musical event before the tournament. The winner’s team will get 50,000$ cash prize that will be equally distributed among the players. You can also let us know your recommendations. Thanks for your kind gesture.


Please mark your calendars as the annual football tournament organized by the ABC group of companies is happening on [mention date]. I know you all were waiting eagerly for this announcement. The tournament will start at 9 am, followed by a short break for players to relax. There will be surprise gifts for the winning team. For more updates, you can visit our official website.


This letter is to announce the football match that will be held on [mention date]. ABC Enterprises is an entrepreneur in organizing the tournament. It would be a pleasure for us to have your team in competition with our team. For employees’ mental health, these games play a vital role. It provides the opportunity to have more insight into each other. I believe that this tournament will also prove beneficial in making our affiliation vigorous.

The participant teams will be served with tea and snacks after the match. For more details, please contact Mr. Hercules who has the responsibility of organizing this match. Kindly let us know before [mention date] if your team is willing to participate in the match.


I am Mathew Louis and writing this letter to announce to you of football tournament held on [mention date]. This is the first time ABC Institute is broadcasting the event. Its sole aim is to accumulate financial assistance for the poor and deserving people of Alaska. The town’s mayor will be the chief guest and many other famous personalities are also attending the event. There are a total of six teams participating in the match and it will be divided into two groups.

The winning two teams in the first round will be qualified for the final. We are all gathering for a humble purpose. I believe that with all of your support, we will be able to make large funds. We are anticipating subsidies in making this event a successful one.

Football Tournament Announcement Letter

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