Request Letter to Extend Sick Leave


This letter is to request to extend my leave. I was examined and my blood sample indicates that the bilirubin pigmentation of my liver is higher than the normal range. Due to this reason, the doctor has advised me complete bed rest for five days. I know this will be inconvenient for you but I request you to extend my leave period for another five days.

I am sorry for the sudden and unexpected change in my leave plan but it was the need of time. I have not recovered completely. During my extended leave period, I will be in touch with the administration for the proper execution of my work plan. I hope you will take into account my request.


I am informing you with regret that it is impossible for me to attend the office from tomorrow. I was supposed to attend the office tomorrow after availing 15 days of sick leave. I visited my consultant yesterday and he informed me that traces of the virus are still present in my blood sample. Moreover, he suggested that I should keep myself away from any kind of work for a week.

I have contacted Mr. Williams, and he will handle my workload until I recover. I shall also be available on phone calls in case of an emergency. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


This letter aims to let you know that it has become nearly impossible for me to mark my attendance from tomorrow. I am not getting any relief from medicine and my consultant has advised me complete bed rest. Although I know that my sick leave period has ended but with such poor health conditions, I will not be able to execute my tasks properly.

Therefore, for my complete relief, please extend my sick leave period for five days. I will be available by email for the smooth running of official matters. Thanking in anticipation for your kind gesture.


I know how difficult it would be for you but I am seeking your permission to extend my leave duration. I want you to extend it due to my poor health condition. I was on complete bed rest as per my doctor’s advice. Yesterday, I got myself examined by a doctor again. He told me that it requires more time to get fully recovered. It will also be beneficial for our company in the long run.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but a leave extension is the only solution to my problem. I can be approached via email to discuss urgent matters.


I hope you have been doing great. Although I am on leave nowadays, I am in immediate need of a leave extension due to prolonged sickness. I had to take three days’ leave because of my illness. Upon my visit to the doctor’s clinic last night, he told me that I was suffering from viral fever and it requires some time for complete recovery.

I have been prescribed complete bed rest along with proper medical care at the hospital. It will not be easy for you to extend my leave but I need your kindness at this time. My problem is of genuine nature and I hope you will understand it. 


I am remorseful to inform you that I took five days’ leave due to my sickness, but my issue is still unsettled. Doctors are carrying out my treatment with expensive medication and it is expected that I will get well soon. I need ten days more leave for a fast recovery. It will be troublesome but I request you to extend it.

I shall be thankful to you for this favor. I have planned to work with zeal and zest to overcome my work deficiency due to my extended leave. Thank you in advance.


I was on leave for treatment of diarrhea. My leave period will end on [mention date] but I am not fully recovered yet. I have recently been diagnosed with a viral infection in my digestive tract. Due to this reason, I request you to allow me a week’s leave because the doctor has suggested me so. I request you to extend it from [mention date] to [mention date]. I had a talk with Ms. Ifra and she agreed to handle my work in my absence. 

Request Letter to Extend Sick Leave

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