Thank You Letter to Boss for Big Bonus


Respected Sir, I am humbly obliged to you for all the things you have done me so far. I was in seventh heaven after you announced the big bonus for me after seeing my quarterly performance. I am indebted that you acknowledged my abilities and trusted me. Your support helped me a lot to pass through the dark tunnel easily. You always remained available to me whenever I asked for guidance. The way you care for your employees is appreciable.

It is an honor for me to work under your monitoring. I have always found you motivating employees and encouraging them to pursue their goals. I admire your token of love and I assure you that I will keep doing work with the same passion.


I am thankful to you for awarding me a bonus salary and making my day. I needed money and I was looking for other means to get it. The moment you announced the bonus, I became extremely happy. It is hard for me to pen down my feelings in words; I will remain beholden to you for your magnanimity. Each day brought new challenges for me but I overcome it with your sheer support.

Your guidance helped me perpetually in learning new things. I love the way you care for your employees. It was indeed a big surprise for me to receive the bonus.

I remember last year was so challenging for us and the company went through a financial crisis. While the other companies were deducting their employee’s salaries due to the crisis, we received our full salaries. You made me able to learn new skills and I have always enjoyed working with you. I am thankful once again for adding more colors to my life and I will make the best use of it.


Dear Sir, I am indebted to you to take into account my hard work. I have received my bonus salary and it was no less than a surprise to me. I believe it is the result of my steadfastness and hard work that you acknowledged. I am now committed to putting all my endeavors into carrying through the work challenges. Thanks to you for stimulating my determination.


With this letter, I want to thank you humbly for a bonus. It was indeed a great surprise for me to get this news. This has motivated me a lot and I assure you that I will make my organization proud. All this happened only because you trusted in me.

The working environment you provide is beneficial for all the employees. Different training sessions and seminars you organize to train us are beyond appreciable. These bonus awards are a token of appreciation and galvanize workers to remain focused. Thank you once again for doing so much for me.


I hope you find this message well. This message is a thank you note for giving me the two months’ bonus salary as a reward. I appreciate the way you increase the morale of workers and impel them to dive into the ocean of challenges. I am fortunate to have always your side that never makes me fall. You have played a vital role in grooming my personality and enhancing my confidence.

I am very excited to have the bonus amount in my hand. It has rejuvenated me to do more hard work with proficiency. You are embodied with all the qualities of a good boss. I want to learn more from you to help the organization grow faster.


I am Fredrick Jackson, and writing this letter to pay my humble thanks to you for your prerequisite. I was not expecting to get it this year due to a lot of provocations, the organization is facing. I got the message yesterday detailing the deposition of bonus salary in my account. Mr. Alice also sent me a confirmation email that the bonus is the reward for my magnificent performance in the accounting project.

I am honored that my hard work has paid off and it only became possible because of you. To be a part of this organization was the best decision I ever made. I get motivated each day by your caring nature and bossy personality. I will utilize the money in the best possible way. Thank you once again for your generosity.

Thank you letter to boss for bog bonus

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