HR Notice to Employees for Late Coming


Dear Employees, I am writing this letter to lure your attention to a grave concern of the company regarding our employees’ behavior. We have come to note that a lot of our employees from multiple departments have started exhibiting a lack of responsibility recently in the context of punctuality.

We are witnessing a few employees have made it their regular habit to reach the company quite late. After observing this pattern for a couple of days, we decided to address this concern verbally with our relevant workers. However, to our shock and disappointment, this behavior continues to the day. Henceforth, we are now confronting the situation with a written notice to all.

The company holds its values and policies very dearly and expects its employees to do the same. You may already be aware of how much punctuality is significant in a business’s growth and survival.

Without being punctual, the employees of a company cannot produce anything substantial in the best interests of the company. The entire system of a company becomes on the verge of collapse if there is no adherence to rules and regulations.

Because of the gravity of the situation, we are writing this formal letter to all our employees to warn you about coming late to the workplace. It is mandatory to reach the office before strictly 9:00 am. Any delay will be counted, and you shall be served with disciplinary action.

We genuinely appreciate your cooperation.


HR Manager


Dear All,

I have recently found out that some of our employees are coming to work late on a regular basis. After making an inquiry about the demeanor of the concerned workers, I was disappointed to realize that neither the HR manager was informed of this nor any prior approval was taken. This negligent behavior is not appreciated in the company and there also is no room for leniency in this regard.

As you all already are well acquainted, the company policies regarding discipline and punctuality are quite strict. All the employees will be scrutinized for not abiding by our protocols. A lack of adherence to the disciplinary measures of the company is considered grave misconduct. 

In case of an emergency, the employees are expected to bring it to HR’s knowledge and get formal approval for the leave. If the nature of your leave is not urgent, you are required to stick to the protocols and submit an application prior to the day. HR shall grant you a day off after reviewing your application.

Any worker not adhering to these rules in any capacity shall be fined a hefty amount and a deliberate repetition shall lead to direct extermination without written notice. We will appreciate your cooperation and patience and expect to see discipline from now onwards.

Should you have any queries or questions, please visit my office during official work hours.


HR Manager.

HR Notice to Employees for Late Coming

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