Reprimand Letter to Staff for Toilet Cleanliness

This letter of mine must be taken as a notification regarding the maintenance of proper cleanliness in office toilets. During my last visit to the office, I became extremely worried about seeing the poor sanitation and cleanliness condition of the toilets. Everything in the toilet was revealing itself in a clear way.

The toilet floor was full of wrappers and used pieces of tissue paper. The remarkable growth of fungus could be seen at various places in the toilet room. You all are sensible employees and belong to educated families. How can you even think about living in such a filthy environment? I had spent a lot of money on the construction of these toilets. These were constructed keeping in view the existing standards of health and safety. Unfortunately, due to your sheer negligence, this part of my property is being destroyed in a brutal way.

We are distinguished from animals based on cleanliness. This is the cleanliness that makes us unique and helps us stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Most importantly, you create a positive and everlasting impression on others which is also based on the cleanliness of your surroundings.

Remember, you are not the only ones who used the toilets at the workplace but there are many customers who come to visit our office. Keep in mind that if toilets are not properly cleaned, it would create a negative impression on our customers.

Apart from it, the transmission of germs and diseases could only be prevented if toilets are kept clean. You must know that an unhygienic and dirty toilet is the breeding place for many diseases and germs.

From now onwards, you all are bound to keep the following things in mind while using the office toilet.

  • The toilet seat must be kept clean, and it should be free of stains.
  • Solid excreta or urine must be flushed properly to avoid an unpleasant smell.
  • The toilet floor must not be wet with water rather it should be dry to avoid the chances of slipping and being hurt.
  • Childish activities such as spitting and making improper designs on the walls must be avoided.
  • To avoid the chances of suffocation, smoking is strictly banned while using the office toilet.

All the above-mentioned instructions are meant to be followed in letter and spirit. Any employee found in breaching these instructions will be dealt with strictly.

Yours sincerely,


Subject: Untidy toilet cleanliness

Dear staff members,

It has been brought to my attention that staff is not keeping the toilet clean and tidy. In the same way, workplace space is not being taken good care of. This is a kind of unprofessional behavior, and it reflects our bad image to customers or any visitor who come to our office.

The toilets of the office are shared by every staff member. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of every employee to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. After observing a few things in my previous visit to the office, I realized that you people are not keeping the toilets clean. Therefore, I have been forced to write like this.

I noticed that non-degradable material was thrown in the flush deliberately. Somebody had defecated which was not flushed properly. Apart from it, an unpleasant smell was obvious in the toilet room. The overall appearance of the toilet seemed to be filthy and unhygienic.

Dear employees, the office is just like your house where you spend more than half of your day. You should use the toilets in the same way as you do at your own home. Its hygiene and cleanliness must be kept under consideration while using. Unhygienic and smelly toilet becomes the breeding place for many germs, bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing agents. CEO visit is expected during next week and you know that he puts a lot of emphasis on cleanliness.

All staff members are hereby notified to keep the following points in mind while using the office toilet.

  • To avoid stains, please use a toilet brush to clean the toilet seat.
  • Enough water must be used after defecation or urination.
  • Nondegradable material must not be thrown in the flush to avoid the chances of clogging.
  • Toilet papers must be thrown in the dustbin rather than the toilet seat.

The abovementioned notification must be followed in its true sense. This is the only way through which we can reflect our positive image to the customers and visitors. A positive response from all the staff members will always be appreciated.

Reprimand Letter to Staff for Toilet Cleanliness

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