Letter of Appreciation to Principal and Staff


Dear All, on behalf of the Save One Save All organization, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your entire school staff for assisting us to hold a donation event for our non-profit charity organization on Sunday, 25th January. As you may already know by now how we are struggling as a new organization to help children with cancer get a new life. The treatment of each child, from medical tests to big procedures like a biopsy to chemotherapy, and even surgeries in some cases, costs a fortune.

An overwhelming majority of parents of these children are not in the right financial circumstances to fully support their children’s cure. Therefore we, at Save One Save All, have shared the responsibility to contribute as much as we can. For this purpose, we take many routes and donation camps in educational institutes are one.

We organize events such as these in high schools to motivate students to partake in helping these young children recover speedily through either cash or participating in our paid activities. Therefore, we request you allow us to arrange an event of a similar kind at your school and we are glad you responded positively.

We would like to thank you for letting us organize such a successful event. This has been possible only because of your cooperation and willingness to let us use your facilities with an open heart. All the children and their parents are very grateful to you.



Dear All,

I, HR manager Daniel Greg, am writing this letter to you on behalf of the company Skyrocket Solutions to express our gratitude to you for your active participation in our educational leadership workshop.

As you may already be familiar how we assist institutions and other companies in training their staff and faculties to perform to the best of their abilities along the lines of their goals and agendas. We take multiple and diverse methods to fulfill our promise of crafting the best out of an individual’s potential and arranging workshops is one of our fundamental ways.

Besides other techniques and practices, we invite professionals in the relevant areas having enough expertise and exposure to bring on to the table and mentor the trainees. The purpose of requesting you and your qualified staff was also to promote our business through your endorsement in your circles. We hope to receive full collaboration from you in this context as well.

Skyrocket Solutions will also adhere to its commitment to advertising your organization as part of the deal’s terms and conditions. We congratulate you on such a successful event and also would like to thank you for your alliance.

Please accept this letter as a formal gesture of appreciation from our team and administration for assisting us. We look forward to having many more similar collaborations in the future.


Letter of Appreciation to Principal and Staff

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