ISO Certification Announcement Letter Template


Re. ISO Certification of the Company

Dear all, this has been drafted in the complete sense of accomplishment which is considered as one of the biggest achievements for the company. This achievement is the certification of the ISO. We are glad to announce that the company has received the ISO Certificate and has been approved by the authorities of ISO.

ISO is an international standards organization which is a federation of taking companies that are on the international standards of worldwide range and develop the company at international level. ISO has a certain procedure to approve the company for ISO and we have been striving to go through the procedure since 2020. It is a long process and it has several levels and aspects of working. Having all the levels and aspects completed, an investigation or inquiry team visits the company and gives certain suggestions and pieces of advice considerably for ISO. After having acted upon all the advice and suggestions, another team visits the company that scrutinized its potential at international standards and development. 

We are delighted that after so much struggle, we have finally achieved it and received ISO certification. In the near future, we shall be making a few changes in our mode of working and make certain accretions to potentialize our international capacity and standardization. The new patterns and modes shall be shared with you very soon by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD). 

The credit of getting an ISO Certificate goes to the team of GHK Group who strived for several days and nights worked harder from dawn to dusk and remained committed to this. We would like to appreciate all the heads of the departments who led their teams and made such a commitment. Mr. Chuk and Ms. Lawrence have been appreciated for their resilience even at the time of crises and kettle of fish. 

Thanks to the team GHK.


Andy Gold
General Manager
GHK Group of Companies
G-789, Sector 15-E6, Edward Square, Boston

ISO certification announcement letter -1



Dear all,

This letter is a delightful announcement of the company’s approval by the International Standards Organization. This is gladly informed to all of you that we have achieved international standard organization recognition and have been acknowledged as a worldwide standardizing organization. 

It simply means to say that the organization will be able to get international recognition and has been permitted and approved to operate at an international level acknowledged by the bodies of state or national federation. This is considered as one of the greatest achievements as there are certain standards to achieve for the companies or organizations to achieve to get this. 

I, on behalf of our organization, but all the credit to the company’s director, Mr. Joe Anderson, Joint Secretary Mr. Peterson, Managing Director Ms. Sophie, and the whole team of this organization. For an organization, teamwork is the only engine to run the trail of the organization. We do not hesitate to admit and to state that we have one of the strongest, honest most, and hard-working teams. We have highly professional supervision catered by the management of Mrs. Jeniffer Mendez. 

In this regard, we have planned to arrange a dinner in the celebration of this achievement on the coming weekend. We would interact more and exactify the timings and venue soon. Thank you for your cooperation and well-committed hard work. 

Best Regards

Assistant Manager
44-B Small State Industries Territories, Orlando
Florida, USA 

ISO certification announcement letter

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