Lab Closed Announcement Email to Customers


Re. Permanent Laboratory Closure

Dear Customers,

It is hoped that you find this email in the best of your health. As you all know that the pandemic has wrecked the research field and has led us to grind away in a way which was never happened before.

Due to uncertainty created by the Pandemic (COVID-19), we have decided to wind the work down. Due to lack of research fund, which further goes back to settle its reason in financial imbalances brought by the COVID-19. It has not only forced the work to slow down but has also forced a few science projects to shut down.

Therefore, we have decided to close the lab permanently in the wake of the uncertainty and edge of danger created by the pandemic. Fervent lockdowns and ferocious financial fiscal have led us to decide to shut down the lab and merge all of our work with Lillian Hospital, California. You are advised to collect any of your left behinds as soon as before 20th November 2020. For more, you can contact us by ringing at [X] or write an email to [EMAIL]. Thank you for assisting and cooperating.

Best Regards

Klay Labs and Research Center
7th floor, JK Heights, California, USA

Lab Closed Announcement Email to Customers


Re. Lab Closure Notification

Dear Customer,

I impassionedly wish you find this email in good health. This email is written to you on behalf of Healthy Clinics Lab. The lab is closing its services from 23rd November 20XX. The lab is ending due to low resource management. The human finance resource management became the victim of government tax cuts and other policies. Therefore, the lab fell short of the significantly required instruments, machines, and other lab appliances. In the most recent tests, it was seen that the lab got short of testing kits used and other relevant things.

As the lab was sponsored by Human Finance Resource Management, no funds were generated in the last few months and thus no revenue for the lab functioning could be generated. In the past week, the lab remained out of operation and it bothered a lot of customers.

In the wake of the above said reasons, the director of the lab decided to close the services. The lab shall remain open for two weeks in which the previous examination of the assembled samples will be tested, and reports will be provided. During that, the business hours for the lab will be 10 AM to 7 PM. The timings will be strictly followed as stated by the government orders in the view of Pandemic. The lab will be opened from Monday to Friday only. You are advised to assemble your examined reports before 5th December 2020. Afterward, the dismissal of the remaining test reports will be made.

We thank you for your cooperation and continuous support. For further, you are cordially welcome to write to us at [X] or call at [X].


Healthy Clinics Labs
5th Street, Kellon Road, California, USA

Lab Closed Announcement Email to Customers

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