Letter Complaining Poor Condition of School

Updating maintenance of the school’s premises with regards to all kinds of hygiene is also a duty of the institute’s management. No individual can learn anything in an unclean ecosystem rather it can further diminish their intellectual capabilities. For students’ mental growth to be healthy, the management should pay heed to the health of the environment around them. After all, it’s not the only ethical obligation of the institute but also, the parents enroll their children in a school only after the management exhibits promising behavior.

Before we continue to discuss how various setups have what sort of impacts, let us remind you of the fundamental obligations of a school generally.

The basic requirements of a school include.

  • It should be well sanitized regularly
  • There should not be a bad smell around rather a refreshing odor flaring throughout
  • The building has to be improved timely, having no potential to be damaging to anyone in it.
  • Trash cans, doormats, canteen, and cafeteria have to be continuously checked and kept tidy.

There shouldn’t be any delay in the mentioned points because even if an establishment is already fulfilling its basics, a mere delay can leave quite a bad impression on the viewer. Henceforth, complying with the rules is not the only task, rather it’s half of it. The rest of the half, only after which it will look complete, is to maintain the practice regularly.

Now let’s get to the point of implementation. Since we all know, schools are the most populated areas as there is a whole sea of people in one place at one time, putting it in order can be a daunting job. Furthermore, it’s not only the administration’s job but such congested places can be well-organized only if everyone does what’s expected of them. Meaning, all the faculty members alongside students should be demanded to play their part well in the organization of the school.

Generally, a good school hires big corporations to get deep cleaning done every now and then besides implementing basic hygiene rules for every member of the school. However, if you ever witness a school that does not go by the standard of cleanliness, hygiene, or even the building, you may not hesitate to write a complaint letter about this. If you’re a student or a staff member or even a parent, it’s your right to study or send your child to a healthy environment.

In case you have no idea how, to begin with, your letter, below is a similar letter you can take notes from.

Sample Letter

The administration of the school,

It is being brought to your attention with utmost disappointment and sheer dismay that your school’s condition is getting poor with each day passing. I am the mother of Samuel Wolf, a student in 3rd grade, and I happened to visit him yesterday as he was not feeling well.

What I witnessed in the cafeteria hall was quite disturbing as the whole area was swamped with garbage and a very stinky odor was flaring throughout the whole hall. The garbage cans were full, and no one was paying attention to emptying them.

I request you to please focus on your institute’s hygiene lest a disease bursts out targeting students. I hope you will take action immediately and instruct your staff and students to participate in it.


Letter Complaining Poor Condition of School

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