Explanation Letter for Sleeping on Duty

According to the findings of American research, that was done on 1,139 employees from 3 different companies, 15% of the workers dose off at the workplace at least once in a week while as per another statistical analysis of National Sleep Foundation, 29% of employees either nod off during work or become very sleepy.

Now, there could be a plethora of reasons for this unprofessional yet uncontrollable act one does with sleep deprivation, lack of rest, and workload stress being the common causes. Nevertheless, what’s crucial is, no company or workplace affords this kind of behavior. The workplace is not a place to release your anxieties and sleep rather it has its very own expectations and rules.

As a matter of fact, almost all the big scale companies and organizations have their policies determined when it comes to employees taking an unintended nap at their desks. Since it decreases the performance and abilities of employees, which directly impacts the business of the company, it is taken as a strong ground for disciplinary actions. In fact, the employers can take it as gross misconduct and even terminate the worker for this.

It basically depends on the nature of the employee’s job that lays the foundation for a reaction to such malpractice. If the employee’s job deals with the medical profession, taking a nap at work, even an accidental one, can put him/her in hot water. Generally, workers are inquired and asked to give an explanation of why he/she slept during work hours.

In this explanation letter, the writer must admit his mistake and show promise on not repeating instead of whining about his/her circumstances. Keeping a neutral tone while reckoning your blunder can win your employer’s heart enough for him to let go of you this time.

Following is a draft explanation letter for sleeping on duty you can take an idea from.

Sample Letter

Dear Mike,

HR Department,

I am writing this letter to you as I am ashamed and embarrassed by my act that I was asked to give an explanation about. As a matter of fact, I was caught taking naps during my duty hours a couple of times this month.

I would like to clear the true state of affairs by offering that I have had a rough month as my wife is going through her chemotherapy because of which I have to spend more time with my children and, a lot of time, stay up with my them at night. I have been sleep-deprived but could not get leaves because I have used all of my paid leaves already.

Nevertheless, I assure you it will not occur again as I have already planned to hire a babysitter for my children and a caregiver for my wife. I reckon my mistake and I am willing to learn from it.

I truly appreciate you not taking corrective action against me rather giving me an opportunity to explain my misdemeanor.

[XYZ ]

Explanation Letter for Sleeping on Duty

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