Employees Overtime Benefits Announcement Letter to Staff

There are a plethora of reasons why employers need to make overtime hours as an exciting offer for their employees instead of recruiting more workers with having to take no pains of training the current employees being the top one. Since the employees are well-versed with the nature and flow of work, they reckon the bottleneck deadlines, the work routine, clients’ demands, and requirements of the job as well. There’s already a healthy mutual relationship growing much stronger with every workday passing making ground for the progress and development of the company. Furthermore, the workers are also acquainted with the company policies and all the terms and conditions.

By the same token, it is also beneficial for the employees to have this exciting opportunity to work on the weekends and get paid double than they are usually paid during the rest of 5 days. Almost everyone is looking for some extra cash to save for which they either do one more weekend job or are always looking for a window of opportunities. What could be a better alternative for making your weekend economically more productive than getting a chance of overtime at your own company with such tempting compensation?

To advertise the advantages of overtime in employees and encourage them to take part, companies send employees overtime benefits announcement letter to staff. In this letter, the employer describes all the benefits the workers will be getting by plunging in. Make sure you choose the right words that have the potential to elicit interest in workers intriguing them to hop in. The letter should have happy and persuasive vibes.

Below is a draft of the employees’ overtime benefits announcement letter to staff that we wrote as a sample for you. You can take notes from the letter and learn how to craft one for your employees.

Note: all details are subject to changes as per requirements.

Sample Letter

Dear Employees,

It is intimated to you that the company has decided to offer overtime to its current employees owing to the fast-growing workload on weekends. Since you all are well-versed in the clients’ demands and company policies, we determined that this new opportunity will be only best for both parties.

As far as compensation and benefits are concerned for overtime employees, you will get the following advantages.

  1. You will be paid $25 per hour (a whopping $10 increment)
  2. Only 8-hrs per day, which is 2 hours less than an average weekday
  3. More chances of promotion pertaining to the efficient performance
  4. You will get 2 paid leaves per month only if you have an emergency
  5. Flexible work routine as you can take your unfinished projects at home or finish up during weekdays.

We hope these incentives will persuade you enough to plunge in and get started with your overtime weekends. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Mr. McGregor at the HR department as he has been appointed as your special assistant in this regard.



Employees Overtime Benefits Announcement Letter to Staff

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