Letter of Complaint to Courier Services for Missing of Goods

Home deliveries have always been a source of comfort for a lot of us, but the recent pandemic has seen an unprecedented spike in online orders to a point that it almost feels like onsite shopping is deserted by many. Generally saying, people resort to home deliveries when stepping outside to go to the location feels unnecessary and fatiguing. Who would want to take the hassle of buying the groceries after a long tiring day when you have the luxury of getting it delivered at your doorstep anyway?

In fact, sometimes the nature of our orders is urgent and important, and we can’t stand any delay at all. Now imagine the orders you made for home delivery because they’re of crucial nature, but you somehow cannot make it to the store, and you are delivered the goods but what’s most important is missing. We are sure, you will feel devastated at that point and you will regret your decision of home delivery wishing you’d gone to the store by yourself. It is also quite possible that you have been billed for the list of products you ordered but a few of them are missing.

This is exactly when you cannot stay silent and let go assuming it is a small misunderstanding. Instead of piling up anger inside of you, giving your feedback is always the better option. Your feelings should be channeled through proper mediums in a civilized manner. We recommend you resort to writing a complaint letter to the courier services for the missing goods.

The most significant point to not neglect in drafting a complaint letter to the courier services is containing your emotions and writing a formal, precise, and clear letter. Your tone should neither spur anger in the reader nor it should be convincing and feeble.

Below is a draft of a complaint letter to the courier services for missing goods that you can get an idea from. All details are subject to amendments as per requirements.

Sample Letter

Dear Sir,

I am regretful to say that I am much disappointed in your courier services that I so excitedly took. Yesterday, I requested the home delivery of a few goods from Kohl’s located at Westchester Road (mention store’s name and exact location) in NY City (adding the city’s name can prevent any misunderstanding).

I had a late-night party at my place with some friends and going to the store by myself was not possible for me, so I resorted to picking your courier services. Nevertheless, to my sheer displeasure, some goods were missing out of my order list, and moreover, I was billed for them.

I had to undergo a lot of trouble on account of this negligent act of your employees. It is requested to you please keep a check and balance in your company and resolve my issue at your earliest.

My order details are Mike McLellan, order# 123456 (write your complete order number and name). I hope I will not face the same unprofessional response again.


Mike McLellan

Letter of Complaint to Courier Services for Missing of Goods

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