Excuse Letter for Short Absence from Work

Every employee, no matter what kind of place he/she works at, reckons that leaving your workplace without prior notice is deemed as major misconduct. Almost every company has a strict policy in this regard with various disciplinary measures according to the period of absence and the adverse effects it brought upon the business.

The protocol is to request a leave, even if it is an emergency, from your boss, and wait for their response. The employee has to write a concise letter explaining why he/she needs a quick leave and also write a plan about how he/she would carry out the tasks left behind due to this sudden leave.

Nevertheless, a lot of times one does not have much time even for writing a request letter as the nature of the matter is critical and sudden. So, the worker leaves the office without noticing his/her superiors which can enrage the employer and make the worker eligible for his/her wrath. This could be a ground for handing over the employee his termination letter effective immediately or any other corrective action.

Hence, it is only wise and in accordance with professional decorum and protocol to confront the situation after you are done with your emergency and return to the work. This is when you write an excuse letter for a short absence from work.

Before you write this letter, make sure you have gone through the company’s policies regarding your misconduct, so you know if your reason constitutes a penalization or not.

  • Starting with offering an apology for your misconduct will soften the employer’s heart and make him willing to understand your reason for doing so.
  • Mention a solid, convincing reason for leaving the office without notice, let alone permission.
  • Offer compensation for the office time you missed.

Sample Letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you with sheer embarrassment and remorse and thus I would like to offer an apology for my misconduct that cost the company gravely. Yesterday, while I was occupied executing my everyday duties here in my office at 3 pm, I received a call from my mother breaking the news that my father just had a cardiac arrest. In my desperation, I could not think of requesting leave or at least informing my superiors, and left the office without any notice.

Though it was a short absence and I came back in a few hours as the doctors informed me that my father was out of danger, I reckon there should have been a better way of dealing with this emergency. I apologize for my misconduct and hence I am willing to compensate for the loss by proposing an unpaid, full-day work this weekend, which otherwise is considered overtime.

I truly appreciate your pardon and hope you will overlook this unfortunate state of affairs from my end. Should you have any other queries, please feel free to call me.



Excuse Letter for Short Absence from Work

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