Letter Requesting Discipline Committee to Intervene


Re. Request to the Discipline Committee of [name] to Intervene and Draw Satisfactory Solutions and Disseminate Instructions with Immediate Action

Dear [name], I am [name], the [post] of [school]. It has been noticed that the environment of the school is appalling every day and more interdisciplinary activities are being conducted without the permission of the security committee or other important regularizing bodies of the school management. Most rules and regulations are being violated and it is not considered necessary to comply with them.

It is also being heard that many of the teachers and faculty members are involved in inciting extremist behaviors of the student and giving them a backbone to spread violence and inappropriate acts in and out of the school.

On [date], students of [mention class] boycotted the classes without any considerable reason. According to their instructors, the students assembled and pervaded in the auditorium without anyone’s permission and raised anti-religious slogans. Such activities can hurt the religious students and other populace of the area. Moreover, sectarian riots have been found to get higher with every passing day for one month, but no action has been taken yet.

On [date], another department of [name], boycotted the exams owing to the online classes conducted during the months of [name of the months]. According to the students, with online classes, online exams should have been conducted whereas the syllabus pertains to the time when on-campus classes were conducted. The students organized a protest and became violent. Many students broke the glass doors and damaged a lot of things related to the school’s property [images attached].

Such non-compliance to the rules and regulations not only disrepute and dishonor the institute but it produces extremist minds and agitation around the city. We are receiving several complaints from the parents of the students. Therefore, you are requested to intervene in this and resolve these matters accordingly. A strict policy should be drafted to mend the manners of such barbarous students. Please act upon the request immediately and report this to the office of the General Manager before [date]. Thank you.


Letter Requesting Discipline Committee to Intervene


Re. Asking Disciplinary Committee of the CLG to Intervene w.r.t. Riots at [name] Polling Stations

Dear [name],

You are requested to take immediate action against the members of political parties, polling stations staff members, guardians of the mentioned polling stations appointed by the Election Commission (ESCUS), and others involved in the riots at [name the area] polling stations. The disciplinary committee of ESCUS has the responsibility to keep law and order and everything regularized at the polling.

On [date], there has been seen violent riots and conflicts among the political parties and their supporters leading to serious injuries to a few. All of them have been reported to the city police and criminal investigation teams whereas ESCUS in charge of discipline should take strict measures to exemplify such riots.

You are requested to assist the police and intervene in this matter. You are required to get the root causes of such riots always happening during elections and take strict disciplinary actions. Submit the report to the office of senior administrator office within two days after completing the inquiry. Thank you.


[name of the department and institute]


Letter Requesting Discipline Committee to Intervene

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