Christmas Work Lunch Reminder Email


Hello all staff members! The festive season is here and everyone is planning to celebrate in the best way. For that reason, to make this special event of the year memorable, the company has planned the Christmas lunch in the office backyard. You are all invited with your family. It will be a mega event. As the company is inviting some celebrities and singers so you can enjoy and have fun. There will be games for children and a bar set for adults to choose their favorite drink. Make your day amazing. Come on, time to enjoy the lunch party.


Hi! Hope you are doing good. The company is planning to celebrate the winter day with the employees. We are arranging a lunch so that everyone meets with colleagues differently. The venue is the office, but there will be no work only a celebration. You can come with your family and kids. It is an open invitation for the employees to come and join the party. There will be a live barbeque, turkey baking, and special hot cocoa will be served to all guests. It will be an amazing day. So, don’t miss it and come on time so that you can enjoy every moment of lunchtime.


Christmas is here, it means time to be happy and stay away from worries. It is the season of love, happiness, and enjoyment. The company wants to see all employees happy on this special occasion of the year. You have to come and meet some special personalities of the company who are playing a key role in the development of the company.

In the beginning, you will be introduced that how the company begins, what setbacks the company saw, and how it developed to get a high ranking not only in the country but also worldwide. You will enjoy knowing about the company’s history. Not only this but there will be some entertainment stuff also. Come and have a wonderful experience of delicious lunch with the company.


Hi! I hope you are doing well! It is to inform you the company is arranging Christmas lunch. All the employees are invited to attend the event and spend a wonderful time with colleagues. The event will be arranged in the company’s ground floor hall. It will be different from casual lunch events. There will be secret Santa games, bars, different stalls, and much more. You will love the event and enjoy it.


Air is getting colder and the holidays are near. So before going on holiday, the company is arranging a Christmas lunch. It is an open invitation for all employees to have a lunch party this Saturday. It will be full of entertainment. You will find different things to do at a party. The company knows how to make their employees happy so the lucky and hardworking people will be awarded bonuses as a Christmas gift. Although the company has decided to spread the love for all employees yet the deserving will get extra bonuses. So, come and enjoy the party. Cherish the moment and spread the word of love during the auspicious event.

Christmas work lunch reminder email

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