Letter to Principal Apologizing for Frequent Late Coming


Re. Apology for Being Late Frequently

Dear Sir, I am [name], from class [class/semester], from the Department of [department]. This letter aims to apologize for coming late to the classes frequently. I am here to show the cause of my frequent late. I have been a student here since 20XX. I understand school’s policies and rules and regulations very well as I am an old student of [school name]. The school always makes sure the attendance of its students is with complete integrity and zest. Therefore, the school has been one of the top institutes in producing competency and proficiency. Quality assurance and diligent management are some of the core qualities of this school.

Sir, I have been doing part-time to support my mother and meet my expenses. My mother is an old sick lady, and she is unable to work by herself. Therefore, I have to work and study both at the same time. I work in a coffee shop as a [X].

Usually, I work the night shift after school but since [date] my shift has been changed for [x] weeks. It was very difficult for me to manage work this way. I used to go to work early in the morning. Complete my working hours and get to school. I am coming late to school since then. I know, it is not acceptable to be late for classes for such a long period.

Sir, my late coming days have been caused by the change in the working shift. My roaster of working shifts is going to change again, and my routine shall settle. I also have talked to my employer and requested him to keep my shifts at night. Thus, I will not be late for school again. I, heartily, apologize for the late coming to the school for multiple days. I shall be grateful to you if you accept my apology and order for the release of the suspension from my classes. I shall be grateful to you for this. Thank you.


Letter to Principal Apologizing for Frequent Late Coming


Re. Apology for the Late Coming

Reverend Mr. [name],

I am a grade-B teacher at your school, and I am working here since 20XX. I always give my best to ensure punctuality, honesty, dedication and making up my students’ careers. I am a punctual teacher as I completely understand the importance of punctuality and keep trying to ensure that. However, I have been late for school for more than a week due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Such circumstances always drain your productivity and make it hard to stick to your plans and routines. I could not make previous days at work on time, and I am writing to apologize for that while explaining the reasons behind it.

Sir, I live with my mother in [area]. My home is [x] miles away from the school. My mother has been severely sick as she has been diagnosed with [disease]. She has been suffering from this ailment for a long but now it has become painful for her. It is not possible for her to do things by herself therefore, I have to look after her and do certain chores before I get to school. Due to hectic routines and prioritizing house chores, I could not make it to school in time.

Sir, I am deeply sorry for this and ask you for the release of an order to the management asking them to remove my name from the suspension list owing to my genuine reasons. I shall be greatly thankful to you for this. In case of further, please write to me at [email] or call me at [phone]. Thanks.


Letter to Principal Apologizing for Frequent Late Coming

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