Letter to Previous Employer for Rejoining


Subject: Application for rejoining the [COMPANY]

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine. I am writing you this letter to make you a formal request to rejoin this company in the same position I had been working in for the last ten years. You know that I left your company after proper resignation. Thereafter, I joined [ABC] company for the position of assistant sales manager. My sole purpose behind leaving this company was to excel in my growth in terms of professionalism. But soon after joining that new company, I realized that the responsibilities and tasks which I have been given are not up to my expectations because my aptitude did not match with that. Also, that company was devoid of a conducive environment for working. After analyzing the whole situation, I decided to contact you through a letter to allow me to rejoin your company.

So, I am writing you this letter to request you for rejoining. I had been working in your company for more than ten years as assistant manager and I ask you to allow me to rejoin in the same position. I am extremely sorry that I left your company despite a good working environment and a lot of training opportunities to excel in the career. This time, I assure you to show my long-term commitment to your company and I will work with my full potential to achieve its goals.

I shall be very thankful to you if you consider me for rejoining. I have come to know through some reliable resources that you have not found any suitable candidate for that position which I left vacant. Kindly consider my request of rejoining the same position I had been working on. I am looking for your positive response and thanks in advance. If you want, I am also available for a personal meeting to discuss any query.

Yours truly,


Letter to Previous Employer for Rejoining


Subject: Rejoining request for [X]

Dear Sir,

It has been not more than a month when I joined my new job at Joseph Chemicals as assistant manager of sales. Since then, I am feeling remorseful because my decision of leaving your company and join a new company was not appropriate at all. I realized this thing soon after I joined that company.

The opportunities and working environment which I was provided there were not at par with those I was being provided in your company. Moreover, the tasks I was expected to perform there were not as per my set of skills. This is the main reason that I am writing you this letter and through it, I forward my formal request of rejoining my previous position of assistant manager which I had been holding in your company since last five years.

Although I left your company after proper resignation, I truly feel regret over my decision because I can feel the sense of inconvenience you might have felt as a result of my resignation. It is hereby assured to you that if I can rejoin, I will show my life-long commitment to the company.

Although I know that it would be a difficult decision for you to accept my rejoining request. However, considering my resignation a mistake and my previous commitment to the company, kindly entertain my request and give me a chance to rejoin. I will prove myself the best choice again. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Harris

Letter to Previous Employer for Rejoining

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