Letter to request confirmation for an authorization to take action

In the business or corporate world, you often receive an authorization to perform a certain task. You need a written proof for such an authorization so that you can proceed with the task that has been entrusted to you. This is particularly important when you need to show the proof to a third party. Similarly, it is also needed when financial matters are involved. 

Discussed here are important features of a letter that requests confirmation of an authorization to take action.

  • Mention the Nature of the Authorization

Begin the letter by stating the main purpose clearly. Mention what the authorization is for. Show your understanding of the task assigned to you by clearly mentioning it in a comprehensive manner. In this way, if there are any misunderstandings, the addressee of the letter can make the clarification in your subsequent discussions about the matter. Moreover, by showing this understanding, you will also be able to further win the trust of the reader who has entrusted a job to you. He/she will be satisfied that the requested or assigned task is going to be taken care of properly.

  • Provide Details for Verification

After briefly mentioning the nature of the authorization, discuss the related details. In this way, the addressee will be able to verify these details for the task to be performed. These details are also important as a proof if a third party is involved.

  • Ask for Clarification

In case you have any queries or confusions about your assignment, you may ask for further clarifications. There may be any details that you miss out or any doubts you have regarding the task. It is best to ask for clear details in this case for the purpose of confirming the authorization.

  • State the Course of Action

After providing all the details and requesting for verification, end the letter with a statement about your course of action. State what you are going to do for fulfilling the assigned task after you have received the confirmation of authorization.

Sample Letter 1

This letter is in response to your request for the cancellation of your order (reference number 123456). Kindly submit a written confirmation so that we can officially proceed with your request. Please go through the following details for verification. 

As discussed during our telephonic conversation on Thursday, you wish to cancel the order that you placed last week with ABC Corporation. According to the company’s policy, your advance payment will be refunded after a deduction of 15%. The process will take 3 to 5 business days after receiving your written confirmation. 

You may contact the customer care in case of any queries. 

Letter to request confirmation for an authorization to take action

Sample Letter 2

I have been put in-charge of the ABC project by you as discussed during our meeting on Friday. I will be overlooking the final stage of the project and must ensure it reaches completion within the deadline assigned by the client. The technical department will be reporting to me directly. The head of the department is answerable to me in case of any delays or other issues. I request you to circulate a memo for the purpose of confirmation of this authorization. I need a written record of your permission before I can act as the leader of the team.

Moreover, kindly let me know if there are any more details that we missed out during our meeting. I need your remarks on the final draft of the presentation before presenting it to the client.

I shall proceed with your orders from this Thursday after your memo has reached everyone in the office.

Letter to request confirmation for an authorization to take action

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