Termination letter due to absenteeism

Hard skills were in demand for a very long time. However, the employers look for hard and soft both skills in an employee. Your technical skills should be good but so should your attendance. The recruiters will look at your attendance and your reliability. Coming to work on time is also very important.

Why is it important to avoid any uninformed holidays? If an employee does not come to work and has not applied for leave, this can create a very chaotic situation for the employer. The work burden will fall on others and it will be hard to manage the operations. It will cause stress and financial strain over the employer.

According to a survey, unplanned absences can cause financial loss, work productivity issues, client dissatisfaction and a high rate of termination.

Employers want to hire employees who are more reliable and dependable. If your employer terminates you on the grounds of your poor attendance, this can reflect badly on your performance and it will make it hard for you to land a job. Similarly, if you have maintained good attendance records, which will also reflect on your performance and will make you stand out from other candidates.

Sample Letter

Dear John,

With a lot of grief, I have to inform you that the company has decided to terminate you. We have a very strict attendance policy which you do not seem to follow at all. Your attendance records have been very poor since last two months. Uninformed absence has resulted in hiring extra staff making it very hard to manage the work load. This has affected the morale of fellow employees. We cannot allow any employee to break our policies and disrupt the discipline of our work place.

We arranged meetings with you to counsel you over this issue. Employees are allowed to take days off, but they have to inform us in due time. You have been repeating this behavior since last two months and it has become unacceptable now. Your absence has resulted in damaging our repute in front of our clients and we have lost our sales due to this reason. We have tried to train you over this issue, but we have observed no improvement.

The directors have therefore decided to terminate your employment without any further notice. Your last day of work will be (date). You can contact the HR for any formalities and questions that you might have. Please make sure to return all the office property you required to perform your duties. We wish you good luck for your future. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

With thanks,

Termination letter due to absenteeism

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