Request Quotation for Solar Panel Installation


Re. Request for Quotation for Solar Panel Installation

Dear [NAME], I am writing this letter on behalf of our university management and Committee of Students’ Affairs (CoSA). Our university has recently inaugurated another department for the students of Energy Sciences Engineering with course code [X] and Engineering in Renewable Sources of Energy (RSE) with course code [X]. We need mega solar panel installation for students’ research projects and technical transformation of energy. To have the installation, our management wants to follow an appropriate and plausible procedure. We want a speedy installation of the solar panel.

For this, we request you to submit a quotation for the supply and installation of solar panels at [NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY], [AREA & POSTAL CODE]. Details have been enclosed as Annex-I and II. We make it your responsibility to confirm the quotation request and submit your quotation documents as soon as till [DEADLINE DATE]. Not meeting the deadline shall expire the request made. Please confirm us by writing an acknowledgment.

Details about the installation have been enclosed. Contact details have been given below. Please use the official website to go through the course outlines for the above-mentioned subjects. We request you to submit your quotation statement before the given deadline. Do not hesitate to ask for further details if needed. An official meeting shall be followed up after the submission of the quotation. Thank you.


Request Quotation for Solar Panel Installation


Re. Request for the Quotation for Computerized Solar Panels Installation

Dear [NAME],

I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from the [COMPANY]. We are working on Renewable Energy Sources (RE) in collaboration with the Climate Change programs to lessen the climatic impacts supplemented by the energy sector in generating electricity. Our main objective is to find the best possible solutions to provide noiseless and pollution-free energy sources that would ultimately produce electrical energy.

A power supply chain shall be started in this program in which we plan to distribute solar panels of [X] MW. These solar panels shall be distributed to the small businesses in the sector [XX] to convey the message of climate control and wish them luck.

We want computerized solar panels with battery backup that ensure optimal performance through good quality. We need a quotation statement for the cost and quality assurance from setting up a scaffold and solar panel mounts to starting and operating the solar panels including its complete wiring and solar inverters installation.

We require a brief quotation statement without any ambiguity especially in the quality assurance and cost estimation. You are required to submit the quotation by [DATE]. The quotation statement shall not be accepted after three days of the deadline.

Moreover, if you have any suggestions to put into this project, you are welcome to meet our officials in person or write an advisory letter to the relevant department to submit your suggestions. We shall be highly grateful to you if you submit the quotation in the given time. We expect a good deal from your company. In case of any queries related to this, please write to our project manager at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


Request Quotation for Solar Panel Installation

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