Meeting Request Letter


It is easy to meet our colleagues and friends without prior notice, but when it comes to meeting with higher officials at important posts, the task of meeting becomes highly arduous. Their time is precious as they don’t find much space between their official schedules; therefore, we often find ourselves in trouble when it comes to arranging a meeting with them. Some of us use our sources to convey the meeting request but most of us give up the hope of meeting them due to lack of ability to tempt the person in meeting us. Still there lies an option for us that could be used to tempt the person in arranging some time to meet us. Indeed, the option of letter writing is the best way to request a meeting with the concerned person.

The content of letter could play a very important role in the way of managing a meeting with the concerned person.  Firstly, you must mention the reason behind your letter so that the person could get directly in touch with your message. The message should be short yet long enough to explicitly clear your intention of writing.

After writing the intention in the first paragraph, you must dwell upon the thank you note in the second paragraph. Although it might seem as an attempt of buttering but people at the important position do consider these things. Most importantly, you must mention your address and phone number at the end of the letter so that the person could get in touch with you after reading the letter. Surely, such a letter will appropriately fulfill your purpose.



Meeting request letter



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