Letter of Refund for Faulty Goods

Letter of refund for faulty goods

REFUND AND LETTERS As we all know the most difficult task in the world is to make money. It not only takes our time but also devotion and commitment, therefore, it is obvious that we don’t want to spend our money on things which are defective. We often come across situations in the modern world when we are delivered with faulty goods. We are embarrassed but still feel no way out to return these faulty goods and get our hard earned money back. The most appropriate way to refund goods…

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Meeting Request Letter

Meeting request letter

OFFICIAL MEETINGS It is easy to meet our colleagues and friends without prior notice, but when it comes to meeting with higher officials at important posts, the task of meeting becomes highly arduous. Their time is precious as they don’t find much space between their official schedules; therefore, we often find ourselves in trouble when it comes to arranging a meeting with them. Some of us use our sources to convey the meeting request but most of us give up the hope of meeting them due to lack of ability…

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Job acceptance letter

JOB ACCEPTANCE The job acceptance letter is written when you receive a confirmation call of a job from an organization. So, then you write a job acceptance letter to an authoritative person of the company. In this letter, your thanks to the head of the organization for selecting you and considering you as a capable person for the position that you have applied for. You start the letter by saying thanks to the head and showing your happiness that how much happy you are since you have received the confirmation call. You…

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