Letter to Ask for Refund due to Poor Services


Re. Requesting a Refund due to Poor Services

Dear [NAME], It is regretfully stated that my experience with your store of apparel was not good. I shopped from your store online on [DATE]. I ordered two tops, one undershirt for my little one, and a tie for my husband. As the received product does not match with the one seen and ordered online, I request you to refund the amount I paid for the mentioned products otherwise it can conclude in an unpleasant way.

I have been a regular customer of different online shops but shopping from your store was my worst experience. The delivery of the product was late, and the products did not match the quality and size of the ordered ones. I ordered a few products from your store i.e., item no. X, Y, and Z. I was redirected to your customer care representative who assured me of the quality and the speedy delivery.

I was told that the package would be delivered within three working days whereas I received the package after more than a week. My primary concern has been product differences. The sent products do not even meet the basic quality whereas I paid for the premium quality.

I, formally, request you to look into this matter and refund the amount. I consider it an online scam and I will take further steps to cope with this. I paid $[X] for the products through online transactions. Please, refund $[X] back into my account immediately. I have enclosed the screenshots and bank confirmation email of the transaction as evidence. You can contact me at [PHONE] for further. Thank you.



Letter to ask for refund due to poor services


Re. Asking for the Refund of $400 for Providing Low-Quality Services

Dear Nelson,

This letter has been written with great remorse and regret as I experienced bad services from you as a client. To compensate for this unpleasant experience and not escalate this to social media and law enforcement, I request you to refund the full amount I paid for this. Due to the poor services, I decline my future projects with you in the pipeline. I request you to refund the amount I paid immediately in the given account number.

On [DATE], I approached you as my potential associate in conducting preliminary data collection and calculus for a research assignment. On [DATE], I handed over the work to you to be kicked off. The given deadline was not met by you and requested to extend the deadline.

I requested my research head to extend the deadline which was done at the cost of my credibility as a competent researcher. The deadline was not met, however, it did not bring any inconvenience due to the non-availability of my team leader. The final script you sent to me was filled with errors in data collection and evaluations. Almost, every evaluation was wrongly concluded in one way or another.

I am vehemently contrite of the waste of my time and money. Therefore, I request you to refund the paid amount as soon as possible. For a refund, use my account number [ACCOUNT NUMBER], [BANK NAME & BRANCH CODE]. If you have any questions regarding this, contact me at [EMAIL]. In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned process, I will escalate the matter to legal accounts. Thanks.


Letter to ask for refund due to poor services

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