Reply Letter in Thanks to Salary Increment

Letter #1

Respected sir, this letter is a thank you note regarding the increment in my monthly salary. It was unexpected and when I came across this, my happiness had no limits. I am honored that you considered me capable of it and rewarded me. The organization cares for its workers a lot and that’s why it has gained so much popularity.

I feel proud to be a valuable part of such an esteemed company. It is a matter of great pleasure for me that I am satisfying your job demands. I assure you that my dedication will get doubled now and I will make extra efforts for the company’s success. I am thankful to you for noticing me and appreciating my hard work.

Letter #2

Dear Madam, I am very much grateful to you for conceding my hard work and making a sufficient increase in my salary. I have no words to pen down my feelings for this exuberant reward as it means a lot to me. I feel blessed that you gave thought to giving me the best employee title. I am contented that my hard work has paid off.

I have accepted this ratification with an open heart. You have increased my morale and I am passionate to work more enthusiastically. I had no hope that my salary will get increased amid the crisis the company is facing. Despite all this, you recognized my offerings. I can now proudly say that it was the best decision ever to join your company. From now I will work harder than before with elevated ardor.

Letter #3

This letter serves to pay my cardinal thanks to you for the recent increase you made in my salary. This increment has been made at the most unanticipated time as it’s the mid of the year. It is an honor for me that I am part of an organization that cares a lot for its workers.

Working with [XBC] has accelerated my stamina and polished my abilities. The guidance I receive from you and senior colleagues have helped a lot in securing a good position in the organization. I will bring more efficiency to my skills from now and will make you proud. Thank you once again for considering my efforts and increasing my salary.

Letter #4

Dear Sir, I hope you have been doing great. This letter is to express my gratitude to you for the increase in my salary. I cannot tell you how much I needed it and you made the announcement at the right time.

This indicates that my work is meeting your expectations and I stand among your trustworthy employees. To receive the fruit of one’s labor enhances positivity. I have learned a lot of things from this company and the credit of my success only goes to your incessant efforts. With the same vigor and resilience, I will perform in the future.

Letter #5

With humble submission, this is to state that I am beholden to you for hiking my wages. This has made me duty-bounded and has increased my passion for work. We faced a lot of difficulties this year due to financial management but you never underestimated your employees’ efforts. I am thankful to you for finding time in elevating my accomplishments and finding me competent for a salary increase.

I assure you that I will not compromise on work quality and will work consistently with the same attitude. Your guidance is a shield to me that keeps me erect all the time and never lets down my morale. I will never forget your appreciation gesture. Thank you once again.

Letter #6

I hope you find this letter in good health. I am writing this to humbly thank you for making a 40% increase in my salary. I have thoroughly enjoyed working under your supervision and without your support nothing was possible. This is no less than an honor for me that you selected me as your teammate.

I was so nervous before joining your company but you made me confident and enhanced my professional skills. The organization keeps much important to me and I will always remain sincere to it. Thank you again for incrementing my salary. It is always delightful to receive monetary admiration before vacations.

Reply Letter in Thanks to Salary Increment

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