Letter to Employee to End Probation Period

Sample #1

We feel extreme delight in letting you know the end of your probation period. You made it possible with extreme hard work and vigilance. ABC Organization congratulates you on accomplishing this period. Each step of your progress is worth mentioning as you evolved and strived hard. We have the same expectations from you as there are many milestones still to be achieved. You are a ray of hope for new hiring employees and with time you will excel in everything.

I hope that you will make every possible effort in improving your skills. I will always be on your side to provide you with guidelines and to overcome the challenges. You are now a permanent part of ABC Organization and we welcome you wholeheartedly.

Sample #2

I hope you find this message well. This message has been sent to inform you that on [mention date] your probation period is going to end. We hired you as the sales manager for the probation period. This is indeed a tough time for the employees as they have no surety of the job. You worked hard and made maximum sales in these three months. The management is awe-inspiring seeing your efforts and proficiency. 

You satisfied us with your magnificent performance and behaved professionally. You remained regular during this time and met the organization’s standards. This is an honor for me to announce that you will work with us as a permanent sales manager. You will enjoy all the benefits of being a regular employee. Please feel free to ask any queries. Thank you.

Sample #3

This is a confirmation message on successfully rounding off your apprenticeship time. You are now entitled to assume your role as project manager. This was the requirement of your job to scrutinize your performance during the probation period. You performed extraordinarily and mesmerized us with your brilliance. As an employee, you will get certain benefits that will be for a lifetime. This includes health insurance, an annual salary allowance, and a 10% salary increment after six months and three leave in a month.

If there is any question you need to ask, then please send me an email. I congratulate you once again for being a valuable part of the organization. Your addition will be of great help to us.

Sample #4

This message is in response to our meeting that was held on [mention date]. it intends to inform you that your probation period has ended. We are making you a permanent part of our establishment. Your recruitment was highly subject to a tentative period. We had a keen eye on you but then the way you transitioned yourself showing conscientious and assiduous behavior is worth mentioning. We are quite satisfied with your overall performance. Please note that from the start of next month, you will work as a regular employee. Thank you.

Sample #5

Dear Fredrick, you will be glad to know that you have been promoted from non-permanent to a permanent employee. You were on probation period for six months and met many challenges. You were overburdened with work and were assigned multiple tasks. Hats off to you that you all did it single-handedly. We did not find you stressed and showing lethargic behavior at this time.

The CEO is overwhelmed with your brilliant rendering. I believe that you will perform with the same resilience and steadfastness in the future and will help us to achieve our targets. The company needs brilliant minds like you and we believe in you. Making you a permanent part of the company is a great decision taken by our worthy CEO. Wish you good luck for a bright future.

Sample #6

On behalf of your branch manager, I am setting forth this message to confirm your employment as a regular employee. You can now perform your tasks as a data analyst. This job requires an employee’s complete understanding of the nature of work and there is no room for mistakes. You auspiciously consummated all the tasks and faced challenges bravely.

I was fascinated by the suggestions you gave for our ongoing project. We will grow together as a team and will go further in this journey of success. You are requested to visit Mr. Galileo tomorrow for some official requirements.

Letter to Employee to End Probation Period

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