Missing Cash Incident Report Letter

Sample #1

I am Steward Louis, an assistant resident officer in your corporation, writing this letter to report an unforeseen incident. This letter serves to officially report the cash I lost two days ago. I had kept it in my table’s drawer.

On [mention date], I had kept it but the very next day when I needed it, it was not there. I am sure that it has been stolen by someone at the workplace when I was not in my cabin. This is not the first time that I kept cash there as I often use that drawer to keep important stuff.

On [mention date], I went to attend a meeting and I forgot to keep the drawer keys with me. On the way back to the meeting, I check it and it was missing. I have some doubts about the sweeper as he visited my cabin during my absence.

I request you humbly to kindly investigate the matter and do something in this regard. This time, it is me, but next time it can be anyone, you just need to take strict action against this heinous act. I am hoping to get a positive response from you. Thank you for your precious time.

Sample #2

I hope things are good on your side. I am writing you this letter to draw your attention to my missing cash incident that happened yesterday. I got it missed from my office cabinet.

Yesterday, I had to draw out some amount for office purposes and got shocked to see the cash was not there. I had to write a weekly report and mismatches in it indicate that someone has done it intentionally.

I suspect that Mr. Robert who has been assigned the cash handling responsibility has his hands behind this. For the past some days, he was not serious about his job. I am not sure whether he has stolen it or mismanaged it. I humbly request you to look into the matter on an immediate basis and find the real wrongdoer so may he be punished. Thank you for your consideration of the matter.

Sample #3

Dear Sir, this letter serves to register a complaint regarding the cash missing eventuality that occurred on [mention date]. It was nearly $20,000 and I had kept them in the drawer where I used to keep cash often.

Mr. Arthur, on [mention date], went to recoup the desired amount but he found it missing from the drawer. I am very disturbed after that incident and it shook me to the core. We have investigated the matter personally but got failed to trace the convicted person.

To avoid such discrepancies in the future there is a need to show seriousness towards the matter. It is our core responsibility to maintain a meticulous history of pecuniary concerns. I know you have been disturbed by such a bad incident but I am making sure to thoroughly investigate the situation.

For more queries, you can contact me anytime. I will provide you with all details concerning this.

Sample #4

I want to draw your mindfulness towards a serious concern. I am working as an accounts manager in your organization and was allocated the charge of managing fund donations. The donated amount was almost 0.5 million dollars. I am sorry to let you know that 30% of the funds’ amount is missing. This is my sincere request to you to make an inquiry about the matter.

I have been keeping the cash in my personal drawer for a long time and keep its keys with me. Its duplicate keys are in the accounts office. On [mention date], someone misused my absence and got the keys from the accounts office. You can take help from security cameras to find the actual offender. You should call accounts office workers to your office and ask them in person.

This is a very disturbing situation in that the amount collected for good purposes has been misused. You need to show deep attention to the matter so we may be able to recover it. Before [mention date], I have to hand over the cash to the concerned organization and I request you do something in this regard. Thank you for your consideration.

Missing cash incident report letter

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